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Volume containing details of how much properties owned or rented by J. Sainsbury Limited and J. Sainsbury supplementary pension scheme cost originally and what they were worth on paper at a particular date, their 'book value'. Also gives the 'book value' and original cost of properties which were not valued.

It is divided into six sections:
JS Ltd 1960 Valuations
JS Ltd 1965 Valuations
JS Ltd 1960 Valuation superceded in 1965
JS Ltd Properties not valued
J Sainsbury Supplementary Pension Scheme Freehold and Leasehold Property
J Sainsbury Supplementary Pension Scheme Special Fixtures and Fittings

The properties are ordered within each section of the book by a property reference number (often referred to elsewhere as the branch number, though these numbers covered all Sainsbury's properties not just branches). The majority of the properties are Sainsbury's branches (including both the company owned and pension scheme owned properties). Other properties include the buildings at Sainsbury's Blackfriars head office complex and some warehouses and wharves.