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Includes correspondence relating to the anti-trading stamp campaign from Alan Sainsbury's (Lord Sainsbury of Drury Lane) office. Also includes contact reports from meetings of the Multiple Grocers Liaison Committee produced by Mathers Public Relations Ltd.

Contains lists of trade associations and voluntary groups, a report on price increases at Fine Fare shops since the introduction of trading stamps and a summary of Sperry & Hutchinson's stamp advertising costs across a variety of media.

Also contains press releases issued by the Distributive Trades Alliance (a body formed to fight the spread of trading stamps) and several copies of 'The Anti-Trading Stamp Front' giving summaries of anti-stamp statements in the media e.g. letters to newspapers.

Also includes an annotated copy of a leaflet entitled 'The Social, Economic and Legal Aspects of Stamp Schemes in Canada and Why They Should Be Eliminated' produced by the Retail Merchants Association of Canada, Inc.