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Operational guide booklet entitled 'Shopping at Sainsbury's', Dec 1976.

Includes: article about retailing from buying, testing and distribution to labelling (with ingredients, sell-by dates and prices) with photographic illustrations of dairy, butter, yoghurt, margarine, desserts, sausages, meat packing, hot drinks, hardware, kitchen ware, beauty and health products. Also mentions 'own label' Sainsbury's clothing range for the family. Includes feature entitled 'What Price Quality?' about testing at Blackfriars (head office) laboratories and home economics department with accompanying photographs, and feature 'The Future' which focuses on pterol stations, out-of-town shopping, hypermarkets, late opening hours and frozen foods. The final page gives a location map of Sainsbury's Stores.

Locations and branches mentioned include: freezer centres; Sainsbury-Spiller egg packing at Norfolk; Savacentre Limited.