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Sainsbury's personnel information pack;
management job descriptions;
internal correspondence regarding the introduction of new management structure in branches and the concept of the department manager and splitting branches into four departments - grocery, meat, produce and provisions (1970).

file of correspondence with Department of Employment regarding the employment of disabled persons (1967 - 1974);
personnel guides to sickness benefits;
copy of sickness absence self-certificate form;
internal memorandum regarding proposal for 'dress down Friday';
guidance notes for managers on conducting appraisal interviews;
copy of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Chapter 37.

documents certifying that J Sainsbury Plc is a member of the Equality Exchange and Company Act - the business charter on HIV/AIDS;
minutes of the Main Joint Consultative Committee Meeting (22 Mar 1994);
copy of the Shop Acts 1934 Employment of Young Persons poster;
accident book (1950s - 1960s);
copy of notice about female branch staff wages;
copy of 'Working with Visual Display Units';
a booklet by the Health and Safety executive;
information for members of staff on national service.