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Audio recordings and transcript of interviews of James Green by Bridget Williams (13 Jan 1993) and Karen Fielder (21 Sep 1992 and 12 Oct 1992). Delivery boy 1920s at 168 Streatham branch and employed in stores until 1930. Experience as poultry and game buyer 1930 to 1950s. The transcript only covers the Bridget Williams interview. Bridget Williams' interview was arranged as part of her research for 'The Best Butter in the World: A History of Sainsbury's'.

Summary of content:
34 (interviewed by Karen Fielder, 21 Sep 1992):
1923 Delivery boy using bike and trike (tricycle). Streatham, Brixton.
Despatching orders (0 - 5 mins).
Wages (5 mins).
Uniform (6 mins).
Working hours (7 mins).
Customers and servants, delivering to back door (8.30 mins). Mr Mason.
1924: Training school. Not tall enough to go behind the counter in a shop (10 mins).
13-15. Miss Ditton lady poulterer (10.50 mins).
Game. Skinning rabbits (11.27 mins).
Cold store (13.30 mins).
Trade at 13-15. (14.30 mins).
Catering orders. Mr Berry Tor (15 mins).
Frozen Australian rabbits. Shop hours (15.40 mins).
Manager Mr [Toynton]. Assistant manager Mr Hunt.
Head butcher Mr Buckmaster (18.20 mins).
Skinning quail. Game.
1920s: Boning and stuffing turkeys. Trussing turkeys. Method of stuffing. Customer complaints. Christmas. Christmas wages. Warehouse. Staff. Making butter pats. Prices. Wages. Mr JB Sainsbury. Mr Alan Sainsbury.
1920s/1930s Mr JB Sainsbury. Wages. Promotion to wholesale department.

35 (interviewed by Karen Fielder, 12 Oct 1992):
Promotion. 168 Streatham.
1920s/30s: Depression riots. Shortages. Unions. Poultry. Mr Troughton. Game. Cold stores. Union Street.
1930s Mr JB Sainsbury. de Jong. Mr Alan Sainsbury. Wild duck. Poultry. Promotion to wholesale department. Mr Goodwin. George Thane.
1920s Poultry department. Cricket at Dulwich. Mr Frost.
1930s: Poultry packing. Poultry grading. Mr Long of Wetherby's. Bury St Edmunds. Smithfield. East Harling. Mr Shingfield. Ducks. Mr Alan Sainsbury. Grading poultry. George Thane. Chinese tame rabbits.
1940s/50s?: Rabbits. Australian and English rabbits. McCraith-Australian shipper. Thompsons. Junipers. de Graff and Baker - shippers. Buying rabbits - wholesale. Cold stores UK. buying rabbits wholesale. Distribution of rabbits from cold stores. Carlo Gatti's.
1930s: George Thane. Poultry and game market. Wages.
1950s: Mr Jordan. Visiting cold store and producers. Oven ready.
World War Two: Depots - Bramshott, Buntingford, Saffron Walden.
1946 Demob. Return from forces. Mr Gurr.

38 (interview by Bridget Williams, 13 Jan 1993):
1970s: Oven ready. Graduate buyers. East Harling.
?: Problems with Mr Green's brother-in-law.
1950s: Offer from Vestey Group.
1950/1960s: Quality control. Suppliers. Maunder. Buxted Chickens. Suppliers. Sun Valley. Cold stores. Carol Gatti's. Oven ready. Quality control. David Maunder. Lloyd Maunder. Mr Thane. Haverhill.
1930s: Frank and Alfred Sainsbury. Crested Eagle. Vernon and Ivor Sainsbury.
?: Son of Marquis of Blandford. Lethbridge.
1950s: Mr Justice. Bury St Edmunds. Tom Brewer. Malcom Hughes. Mr Green.
1930s: Refrigeration. Cold store in Union Street.
1940: Bramshott. Mr Dearlove.

39 (interview by Bridget Williams, 13 Jan 1993):
1930s: Contact clerks. Stocking stores. George Thane. Move to wholesale departments. Mr JB Sainsbury. Mr Alan Sainsbury. Lloyd Maunder. Poultry buying. Smithfield. Working hours. George Thane. Mr Luckin. Leadenhall Market. Smithfield. Mr Alan Sainsbury. Working hours. Dispatchers. Marylebone. Bournemouth. Christmas. Buying in market. Turkeys. Christmas. Irish chickens and turkeys. Steve Cosy. Game producers. Junipers. Keebles. Bridgeman. Everton Watson. Brook Brothers. 1930s game from Russia and Scandinavia. Mr Alan Sainsbury. Plover eggs. Rabbits. Irish rabbits. Tame rabbits. George Thane. Australian rabbits. McCraith.
?: Cold Stores. Union Street. Rabbits. Chinese rabbits. Chinese delegation. Christmas. Turkeys. Oven ready turkeys.
1950s: Christmas. Bernard Matthews.