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Oral history recording and transcript of interview of Mr and Mrs Darvell. Interviewed by Bridget Williams (Sainsbury's Archives). Mr and Mrs Darvell ran a long established family business which has bakery shops and a catering business in the Chesham and Amersham area. Topics include the family bakery and catering business, Sainsbury's and other retail businesses in the area, the effects of supermarkets on retailing.

Summary of contents:
?: Location of shops. Chorleywood. Amersham. Chesham. Kathleen Graham's.
1915: Family business in Rickmansworth.
1800s: Sarah Davell. Business in Chesham, Amersham.
?: Sainsbury's buying Amersham store from Davells. Mr Home. Metropolitan Railway.
1920s: Description of Amersham.
1940s: French and German confections. Apline caterers. Torten. Sainsbury's in Amersham. Freeman Hardy and Willis. Finlays. Beckleys. Ice Cream Counter.
1940s/50s: Tea room in Chesham. Soda Fountain. Lyons. Walls. Three-course lunch 3/3d. Outside catering. Catering menus and prices. Catering operations. Convenience of supermarkets. Competition from supermarkets. Supplying supermarkets.
Bread making. Bread ingredients. Delivery - Davells.
1926: Wages.
Baking, delivery.
1940/50s: Flour.
Catering experiences.