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Sainsbury Archive Logo
Comprises photographs, transparencies and slides of general product advertising including:

Price lists:
"Sainsbury's The House of Faultless Quality" price lists: "Sainsbury's Easter Values"; "Sainsbury's - and that 'Lost Love' Business" [1915?];
J Sainsbury price list: "Provisions, groceries, dairy produce, charcuterie, poultry, game and fresh meat...70 years of good providing" [19 June 1939];
Discount '78, '79, '80, and '81 price lists;
price lists: Sainsbury's First Class Economy; "Sainsbury's Summer Savers. Longer days, lower prices"; "Sainsbury's introduce 200 January Savers";

Product brochures:
Product brochure [c.1934] entitled "Lucky Dogs" (on the front cover) and "Picnic Provender" (on the first inner page) advertising "Everything Needed by the Inner Man to make a Picnic or a Week-end Camping Holiday an unqualified success"; includes a competition offering 12 prizes for the 12 best picnic photos in which Sainsbury's Picnic Foods are obviously contributing to the enjoyment of the Picnic;

Advertisements featuring the following slogans:
Savings - "Save at Sainsbury's now"; "Sainsbury's fish and snips"; "£... off this Sainsbury's basket"; "Take a closer look at Sainsbury's prices"; "Sainsbury's prices. Worth making a meal of"; "For good value baby care, toddle off to Sainsbury's"; "Fresh proof that good food costs less at Sainsbury's";
Seasonal offers - "For Valentines, a few romantic gestures from Sainsbury's"; "You can bank on some great holiday offers at Sainsbury's"; "Reap the benefits at Sainsbury's this Autumn";
Christmas - "More Christmas for your money - from Sainsbury's"; "Sainsbury's prices. Just what you've always wanted for Christmas"; "Sainsbury's prices. All you need for a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year";
Frozen foods - "Everything you'd expect from Sainsbury's fresh food. But colder"; "At Sainsbury's, you'll find some of our hottest prices in the freezer";
General: "If you like picnics you'll have a field day at Sainsbury's"; "If the thought of a children's party reduces you to a quivering jelly, read on"; "Sainsbury's. Essential for the essentials";

General advertisements featuring the following products:
Ready meals - curry ready meals
Fish - tinned sardines, frozen skinless cod fillet, fish, frozen prawns, tinned red salmon, fish fingers
Dairy - butter, cheese, Italian Parmesan, Creme Fraiche D'Isigny, double cream,
Meat - bacon and hams, poultry, fresh meats [including mince], chicken, sausages, sausage rolls
Fruit - bottled fruits, tinned chopped tomatoes, strawberries, peaches
Spreads, jams & preserves - honey
Sauces and oils - Tartare sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Drinks (non-alcoholic) - pure Jaffa, Florida and freshly squeezed orange juice; 'After Dinner' filter coffee, soft drinks [e.g. 'Classic Cola' and 'Gio' lemon and lime soft drink], long life packed drinks
Puddings/desserts - raspberry and vanilla flavour swiss roll, puff pastry apple tart, ice cream desserts
Beers, wines & spirits - Bulgarian Suhindol, Bergerac, Rosso Di Verona, Rioja, Merlot, Cotes du Rhone, Vin de Pays de la Vallee du Paradis, Cabernet Sauvignon and Valpolicella Classico red wine; Piesporter Michelsberg, Bianco Di Verona, Bianco Di Custoza, Orvieto Classico, Hock and Muscadet Serve et Maine white wine
Bread - Sainsbury's Ciabatta
Pasta and pasta sauce - spaghetti, Classic Italian Pasta Sauce, spaghetti rings
Barbecue food - sliced white burger buns, large white hot dog rolls, tomato ketchup
Vegetables - broccoli, mushrooms, potatoes, straight and crinkle cut chips, frozen Garden Peas
Publications - Sainsbury's Magazine'
'Healthy Eating' - reduced calorie coleslaw and wafer thin Honey Roast Ham [both featuring the 'Healthy Eating' logo]
Fresh eggs
Baked beans
Mushroom quiche;

Event promotions:
Australia's Food Fortnight [June 15-27 1960s?];

Some advertisements feature the slogan: "Good food costs less".