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File of papers relating to various visits by politicians, members of the royal family and others.

Includes correspondence, programmes and photocopies of press cuttings about visits by Princess Margaret to Green Park Station, Green Park Road, Bath, the Duke of Edinburgh to a store in West Ealing, the Prince of Wales to a store in Walsall, and the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher to 62 Wandsworth Road, Nine Elms, London.

There is a letter, dated 6 October 1983, to Sir John [Sainsbury] signed by the Prime Minister thanking Sainsbury's for the visit.

Contains papers relating to the following visits:
16 Feb 1987: Presentation to five Members of Parliament
26 Nov 1987: Prince of Wales visit to Walsall store
11 Nov 1987: Cesare Vaciago (Vice President of Standa, an Italian supermarket company) visit to Stamford House and Charlton Depot
2 Jul 1986: Princess of Wales visit to leisure centre in Exeter (funded by Sainsbury's)
16 Mar 1987: Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister) visit to Finchley store (press release only)
19 Mar 1986: Michael Howard MP (Minister for Consumer Affairs) visit to Nine Elms store
23 Jan 1985: Lord Lucas of Chilworth (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Trade and Industry) visit to Nine Elms store
19 Sep 1984: Princess Anne opening of Princess Square Shopping complex (which included a Sainsbury's branch)
Peter Walker (Minister for Agrciulture, Fisheries and Food) at National Grocers' Benevolent Fund lunch (cutting from JS Journal only)
19 Nov...: Peter Walker (Minister for Agrciulture, Fisheries and Food) visit to Calcot SavaCentre (cutting from JS Journal only)
9 Feb...: Sir Geoffrey Howe (Chancellor of the Exchequer) visit to Nine Elms (cutting from JS Journal only)
11 Jul 1984: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh visit to West Ealing store. Includes photograph. Information about the store including a plan of the layout is included among the papers.
6 Oct 1983: Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister) visit to Nine Elms store. Various papers relating to the visit are included such as correspondence (includes a letter from Mrs Thatcher), copies of cuttings, programme of visit.
1 Dec 1982: Princess Margaret visit to Bath Green Park store. Various papers include correspondence, programme, minutes of meetings, a plan of the store