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  • JS pushes ahead 01

    JS pushes ahead
    Keen trading maintains profits, pushes up sales
    and greatly increases JS's market share. For the
    chairman's comments on the results see page two.

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  • JS grabs a bigger share 02

    JS grabs a bigger share
    MORE PEOPLE are shopping at
    Sainsbury's. JS's results for 1977/78, published
    on May 3, show that sales went up
    by 22.2 per cent during the year to reach a
    total of £811.10 million (including...

  • Pioneers of JS's north west frontier 03

    Pioneers of JS's north west frontier
    AN OLD GASWORKS provided the site for JS's Newcastle-Under-Lyme store,
    which opened its doors to the eager North Staffordshire crowds on April 25. The
    1330 square metre (14,300 square feet)...

  • Butter and milk make cream 04

    Butter and milk make cream
    in the back garden to have a constant
    supply of freshly made cream. You can
    make it on the kitchen table in a few
    minutes using the latest kitchen gadget to
    make the...

  • JS kicks off at Crystal Palace 04

    JS kicks off at Crystal Palace
    SAINSBURY'S UNITED is to play
    Crystal Palace at home in a joint development
    scheme that will give JS its
    biggest store to date and second division
    Crystal Palace the financial support it

  • Tintactics 05

    'OUT OF THE STRONG came forth sweetness'.
    Samson's famous riddle, based around the biblical
    tale of Samson and the lion, has long adorned cans of
    Tate & Lyle's 'Golden Syrup'. Now it can be found on a
    new storage...

  • Trolley deposit scheme travels further afield 05

    Trolley deposit scheme travels further afield
    scheme has been extended to two other
    branches. Lewisham and Edmonton started
    their schemes on April 17 and 18, both
    on a joint basis with other...

  • wash and brush up 05

    THE WHOLE TOOTH and nothing but the tooth is the
    latest message from the health and beauty department
    with the introduction of a range of own label toothbrushes.
    They cost 16p each, come in eight colours and

  • My little chickadee 06

    age-old question has an unequivocal
    answer at Sainsbury-Spillers' chicken
    hatchery at Soham, near Cambridge.
    Without a regular supply of eggs there
    would be no young chicks, and without

  • Warm comfort farm 08

    Warm comfort farm
    Seeing is believing. In the foreground lettuces who spent
    their formative weeks under plastic. In the background
    some who didn't. How JS home grown produce benefits
    from growing up on the right side of...

  • Blow-up! 10

    A TOPPLING TOWER provided Terry
    Wright with an exciting subject for his
    latest batch of photographs. Terry, who is
    deputy manager at the VValtham Cross
    store, won the Journal's November 1976
    photography competition with a...

  • White on the green 10

    White on the green
    APRIL SHOWERS turned to snow as
    the competitors in Uxbridge AGM Ken
    Wood's annual golf tourney battled their
    way round 27 holes on April 10.
    Thirty-five keen golfers from all parts
    of JS made the journey...

  • Stars of the polyester screen 12

    JS's screen printing unit produces 50 per cent of all
    the posters, channel tickets, barker cards and other point of
    sale material to be seen at the branches.
    Lured by the smell of printing ink and the eye catching work

  • Dinner-dance blues! 14

    Dinner-dance blues!
    BEMOANING the 'miserable' shopping
    facilities in Beckenham a dismayed
    housewife wrote to her local newspaper saying: 'Why not let Sainsbury's have the
    Regal site—food is more important than
    dancing! I...

  • Top politicians 'shopping' for votes 14

    Top politicians 'shopping' for votes
    TWO JS STORES were treated to visits
    from leading politicians last month. The
    Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer
    Protection, Roy Hattersley, and
    Leader of the Opposition,...

  • Twice as nice at half the price 15

    Twice as nice at half the price
    RISE ABOVE bread queues—bake your
    own. JS is all in favour of home-made
    bread. And to prove it the company has
    recently been promoting own-label bread
    mixes and strong white bread flour in...

  • Your letters 16

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Artistic supersave
    From: C S Lundy, JS veteran
    My wife and I recently visited the Sainsbury
    Centre for Visual Arts at the University
    of East Anglia....

  • Buck is on the right track ! 17

    'ON MONDAYS we cleaned our bikes'
    recalls Cyril Buckingham of his days as a
    JS delivery boy back in the 1930s. 'For the
    rest of the week we were out and about
    getting and delivering customers' orders.
    It was a twelve-, or...

  • lost trolley 17

    The following letter (complete with illustration)
    was found in a trolley left outside
    Broadmarsh, Nottingham branch,
    signed: John, Bill and Steve
    Dear Mr Sainsbury
    I presume you are wondering why this
    trolley is outside your...

  • Doric's bumper fun book 18

    Doric's bumper fun book
    'I COULD WRITE A BOOK about my
    time with JS' says Doric Priestley 'but no
    one would ever publish it—some of the
    stories are very funny, but quite unprintable
    !' Doric, who was produce manager

  • Game, set and match 19

    Game, set and match
    THE END OF APRIL was also the end
    of an era for the SSA when Alan Kettley,
    the secretary, retired. Alan, who'd been
    with the company for 44 years, had held
    the post of SSA secretary for the last 23

  • Appointments 20

    A Spence, formerly manager of Kenton
    branch, has been appointed manager of
    Chesham branch.
    K Goodbun, formerly deputy manager
    at 1-4 Ealing, has been appointed manager
    of Kenton branch.
    M Hall, formerly manager...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    Des Butcher, a warehouse foreman at
    Charlton depot, celebrated 25 years with
    JS on May 6.
    Mr Butcher joined the company at the
    old Union St warehouse, before moving
    to Charlton depot when it opened. His

  • Obituary 20

    Jim Uridge, a plumber in the branch
    engineering department at Woking area
    office, died on April 8 after a long illness.
    Mr. Uridge was 56, and had been with
    the company for 14 years. He will be
    much missed by his...

  • Retirements 20

    Les Henwood, warehouse manager at
    Barkingside branch, retired on March 18
    after 43 years with the company.
    Mr Henwood joined JS in 1935 at
    Barking. With the outbreak of the war he
    joined the forces, and spent six...

  • Customer expresses her pleasure 21

    Customer expresses her pleasure
    customer at West Wickham branch who
    is so pleased with the express checkout
    recently introduced at the store she wrote
    to the manager saying so.
    She said it now...

  • Roll pallets lib! 21

    Roll pallets lib!
    Roll pallets come in for a lot of rough treatment
    at the depots and branches. They suffer the
    abuse of overloading, mishandling and are often
    used until they literally fall apart, instead of
    being sent for...

  • Those were the days . . . 22

    Those were the days...
    THE MANUAL SHOPS were the best'
    says Gwen Potter looking back over her
    43 years with JS. 'We were like a family
    and serving over a counter you really got
    to know and make friends with...

  • '... when pansies were flowers' 22

    '... when pansies were flowers'
    SPRYER THAN EVER, over 1400 JS
    veterans accompanied by their spouses
    or friends, met at London's Royal Lancaster
    Hotel on April 24, to attend the JS
    Veterans Group's thirtieth...

  • Alison is new number two 23

    Alison is new number two
    THE NEW FACE in the public relations
    department at Blackfriars is Alison
    Wearne, who joined JS last month as
    deputy manager of the department.
    Alison spent four years with Key Markets
    as their public...

  • Golden arrows 23

    Golden arrows
    were held in the recreation room of Rennie
    House on April 9. The competitions
    drew a record entry and play went on
    from ten in the morning until eight at
    The Arcady trophy...

  • Harry Stringer 23

    Harry Stringer is not only a hot
    contender for the title of the
    youngest JS depot manager he is
    also the outright winner of the
    Journal's spot the deliberate
    mistake contest.
    First we referred to him as relief
    manager and...

  • New range is child's pay! 23

    New range is child's pay!
    POCKET-MONEY TOYS are making
    an appearance in five JS stores at the
    moment. The range of 61 basic items all
    sell at less than £1.25p, and are designed
    to appeal to children accompanying...

  • Egg on our faces 24

    Egg on our faces
    A short time ago, the archives
    were unable to help a JS
    customer who wanted to know
    when egg rationing ceased after
    the Second World War. Since
    discovering the facts, the name of
    branch and customer have...

  • Getting the message 24

    Getting the message
    ONCE UPON A TIME in the branches bacon was not bacon but 'peat smoked'
    and 'mild cured'. 'Genuine old' was York hams, 'perfection' meant pies, 'my
    own make' was pork sausages and 'delicious on toast' could...