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  • Altered images 01

    Altered images
    THE GREAT IMPORTANCE of modernisation
    and refits of older JS stores is
    frequently stressed by the chairman. Sir
    John Sainsbury, when he announces
    company results and developments.
    During the present financial...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 1, 12, 13
    Feature—branch refits and modernisations, the inside story
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Snow business—how the weather has affected JS
    Page 4-7
    Branch openings—Leatherhead, Woodhall Farm
    Page 8-9
    Feature—JS Montilla...

  • Forty year luncheon 02

    Forty year luncheon
    THE FIFTH FORTY year luncheon was
    held on January 4 at the Howard Hotel,
    Sir John Sainsbury and four JS
    directors, this year with their wives,
    hosted the lunch held in honour of the 17
    members of...

  • Snow business 03

    NO ONE AT JS could have been blind to
    the effects of bad weather and snow
    during December.
    The worst snow seen in Britain for
    many years brought out the best in
    employees companywide.
    Staff walked (or slid!) to work in...

  • Branch opening—Leatherhead 04

    Snow greeted customers on opening morning
    The old and the new—former Leatherhead manager,
    Gordon Faulkner (left), with Alan James FREEZING CONDITIONS greeted staff
    and customers alike on the morning of
    December 8 in...

  • Branch opening—Woodhall Farm 06

    HOT DRINKS revived the first 15
    customers in the queue who were waiting
    for the opening of Woodhall Farm
    branch, near Hemel Hempstead on
    December 8.
    Even an unexpected and heavy snowfall
    during the previous night could...

  • The taste of summer 08

    winter weather in Britain makes
    the lure of sunnier climes and
    memories of summer days even
    more real at this time of the
    Perhaps it has partly been the result of
    this desire for the sun that has...

  • In the soup 10

    In the soup
    GAME BROTH, Lobster Bisque,
    Vichyssoise, Consomme, Cock-a-leekie
    and French Onion are the six varieties
    available in the new JS Gourmet Soup
    Expensive ingredients, such as wine,
    sherry and venison, have...

  • JS to the rescue 10

    JS to the rescue
    ORAL HEALTH toothbrushes need
    never again be considered an unduly
    extravagant purchase—thanks to JS.
    Sainsbury's oral toothbrush which has
    been thoughtfully and specially designed
    with the help of a...

  • Latest instant 10

    Latest instant
    FULL ROAST is the latest in own-label
    instant coffee. A new process, together
    with good quality beans, has given this
    coffee an improved, fuller flavour.
    There are two sizes available—a 200
    gram (7.05 oz)...

  • Soft soap 10

    Soft soap
    LIQUID SOAP is one of the fastest
    growing sectors of the toiletry market
    and JS's own-label variety is selling very
    Along with several other companies
    who have entered the market place, the


    LAZA hope to be beaming across the
    airways very shortly because they have
    completed the recording of their first
    record and sent copies to national and
    local radio stations.
    Pete Sugden, a refrigeration...

  • London's new faces 11

    There is no Text

  • Holloway 12

    The difference between Holloway
    branch's produce department 'before'
    (left) and 'after' (opposite) is significant.
    Below: Old branches have to be
    stripped out and their layouts revised
    before any modernisation can take place...

  • Christchurch collage 14

    Christchurch collage
    THE LAST FOUR Christmasses at
    Christchurch branch have been made
    brighter thanks to the efforts of senior
    supermarket assistant, Jean Forse.
    Each year she has decorated the walls
    of the canteen with...

  • Christmas round-up 14

    Christmas round-up
    JUST BEFORE Christmas it was seven
    days a week hard work for all JS, including
    the SSA.
    Many branches held their own
    Christmas parties, dances and dinners.
    Wilmslow for example had their celebration

  • Sava Centre Xmas 14

    Sava Centre Xmas
    SANTA CLAUS, or rather his stand-in,
    Oldbury SavaCentre's training officer,
    David Parsons, proved a big hit last month
    at the Nechell's Family Centre Christmas
    He was sent along with £250 worth...

  • Long service 15

    Long service
    Arthur Dove, stock controller in the
    purchasing department at Blackfriars,
    has completed 40 years' service with JS.
    He joined the company in the post
    department and a year later moved to the
    sales office to...

  • Obituaries 15

    Sheila Barley, part-time supermarket
    assistant at Bedford, died on December
    1, aged 51.
    Sheila began working for the company
    in 1960 at the old Bedford store as a
    full-time supermarket assistant, moving
    to the...

  • Retirements 15

    Albert Ellis, foreman at Basingstoke
    depot, retired last month after 27 years'
    Albert began his career with JS in the
    cheese department at Blackfriars and
    moved to Basingstoke in 1964.
    Alice Salthouse,...

  • Somers Town 16

    Somers Town
    DID YOU REALISE that Drury Lane
    was not the oldest JS shop? Admittedly it
    was where the young Sainsbury couple
    set up their business in 1869, but it soon
    expanded and they took over 87 Chalton
    Street in Somers...