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  • Pony for the disabled 01

    A DONATION from Sainsbury's Charitable Fund
    has enabled the West Horsley Group of the
    Riding for the Disabled Association to buy a
    new Welsh pony.
    They have named the palomino pony
    'Sainsbury's Prince' and will be using him...

  • Advertising awards 02

    Advertising awards
    JS ADVERTISING has recently won
    awards in three separate competitions. In
    each instance the winning advertisements
    were part of the series produced for the
    women's press and Sunday supplements
    by the...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 1-3
    Page 4-5
    A new Homebase for Nottingham
    Page 6-7
    New products
    Page 8-9
    Three special £1,000 donations to worthy causes
    Page 10
    The 1982 JS Journal/SSA Photographic Competition
    Page 11
    Cancer research round up

  • David Howell visits JS depot 03

    David Howell visits JS depot
    THE RT HON David Howell MP,
    Secretary of State for Transport, recently
    paid a visit to Basingstoke depot.
    'Lorries, People and the Environment',
    a white paper setting out the...

  • New art competition 03

    New art competition
    A MAJOR NEW open art competition
    has been launched as part of JS's
    £500,000 three year arts sponsorship
    Entitled 'Images for Today', it
    represents a significant new sponsorship
    in the visual...

  • Homebase opening—Nottingham 04

    the opening of the third Homebase house
    and garden centre at Castle Marina Park,
    Castle Boulevard, Nottingham on June 8.
    JS have been trading in the town for 45
    years, and the new Homebase adds...

  • Anyone for 6's? 06

    Anyone for 6's?
    THE RANGE OF 6's chocolate covered
    Countline biscuits has been extended
    even further this month.
    Milk Chocolate Fruit and Nut biscuits
    x6) join the already estabished milk
    chocolate shortcake bars, milk...

  • Bees make honey 06

    Bees make honey
    BEES HAVE BEEN 'busy' in their hives
    this year producing JS own-label latest
    additions to the existing range of
    Speciality Honey—Acacia, Mexican and
    Canadian Clover.
    Honey lovers will be pleased to...

  • Kitchen extras 06

    Kitchen extras
    A SMALL spoon has been added to the
    existing melamine, butter milk coloured
    kitchen tools in the JS Houseware range.
    As a plastic melamine has a number of
    properties—it's resistant to 120°C (ie
    does not...

  • Soft 'n' smooth 06

    Soft 'n' smooth
    THIS CREAMY dessert mix is the first
    own-label product of its kind on the
    market. It is now available at 150 stores at
    22p (40 gram packet).
    Supreme Topping is quick to prepare
    and is an easy mixer. Try it...

  • Top Italian trio 06

    Top Italian trio
    THREE NEW good quality, though little
    known, Italian wines appear on the JS
    shelves this month.
    Chiaretto di Bardolino (Denominazione
    di Origine Controllata) is
    Sainsbury's first own-label Italian...

  • 'Andy with a brush? 07

    'Andy with a brush?
    MAKE A POINT of buying JS's ownlabel
    Brush Pens now!
    Because of their unique pointed tip
    they can be used not only for fine
    lettering but also as a brush for shading.
    Packs of ten colourful pens are...

  • Light fingers 07

    Light fingers
    BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder
    and JS's new manicure accessories will
    make sure the eyes see that beauty.
    Sainsbury's own-label Beauty Care
    range consists of 15 tremendously useful
    and necessary items,...

  • On tap 07

    On tap
    Provence, Gaillac Blanc and Hungarian
    Riesling are now, quite literally, on tap
    with the introduction of quality wines in
    three litre boxes.
    Sainsbury's own-label wine boxes are
    ideal for...

  • Wine of the month 07

    Wine of the month
    A DRY, RUBY RED wine produced in a
    strictly delineated area around the
    communes of Asti and Allessandia in
    Piedmont, north-west Italy, has been
    selected as the wine of the month for
    Barbera del...

  • Sweet Charity 08

    Zoological Park
    The first presentation was made by
    Woking AGM, Ron Yeates, to Marwell
    Zoological Park director, John Knowles.
    The zoo, opened in 1972, is run as a
    charity, and aims to protect endangered
    species of...

  • Photographic Competition 10

    FOR THE SECOND year running the
    JS Journal and the SSA have joined
    forces to launch the 1982
    Photographic Competition.
    This year the competition takes on
    a new format and there will be two
    sections—Summertime Blues...

  • Cancer craziness 11

    Cancer craziness
    comes to raising money for cancer
    research and so imaginations ran riot
    once again this month.
    A mammoth fete at Rayleigh Weir
    took Sunday May 9 by storm, attracting
    hundreds of...

  • Marathon runners 12

    Marathon runners
    INJURY foiled Robin Tripp's attempt to
    enter this year's London marathon. But
    Robin, physical therapist in the
    gymnasium at Blackfriars, was happy to
    tell the Journal that members of the gym
    did very...

  • Watch the birdie 12

    Watch the birdie
    FOR THE SECOND year running, Judy
    Warren, part-time supermarket assistant
    at Beaconsfield Freezer Centre, has won
    the Bucks County Ladies Golf Championship.
    She started playing golf when she was
    16, having...

  • An eye for an eye and a kiss . . . 13

    An eye for an eye and a kiss . . .
    AN EYE for an eye and a tooth for a
    tooth was the order of the day recently at
    Central Croydon. The occasion was
    manager, Ray Palser's 40th birthday!
    A suitable present had to be...

  • Health award 13

    Health award
    AN ANNUAL visit and occasional spot
    visits from hygiene inspectors have
    resulted in Nuneaton branch winning the
    local borough Hygiene Award for 1982.
    Nuneaton first won this award in 1980,
    so this year's success...

  • Knit away 13

    Knit away
    A SPONSORED knit-in was the way in
    which Shirley Powell (week-end student
    at Ipswich) helped to collect £1,500 for
    three different charities.
    As well as raising money for the Guide
    Dogs for the Blind Association,...

  • New conference centre 13

    New conference centre
    A NEW CONFERENCE centre in Rennie
    House has provided impressive new
    facilities at Blackfriars.
    The centre occupies the area that
    previously housed a number of basic
    training rooms. Now the extra...

  • Wheel deal 13

    Wheel deal
    KINGSWOOD staff have taken to the
    streets again, but this time in aid of the
    World Wildlife Fund.
    One Sunday morning, in fancy dress,
    70 members of staff 'drove' each other
    round ten gruelling laps of the...

  • A life on the road 14

    A life on the road
    retirement has meant quite a change in
    George Home's life. He was one of JS's
    team of mobile dairy inspectors for a
    quarter of his long career at Sainsbury's.
    George, who retired...


    M Cull, formerly manager of Shirley, has
    been appointed manager of Winton.
    M Gentry, formerly deputy manager of
    Brighton Hill, has been appointed
    manager of Portsmouth.
    L Griffin, formerly deputy manager...


    Bernard Mark, assistant manager in
    company systems, has retired after 46
    years' service with JS.
    He joined the company in the retail
    sales office in 1936, and three years later
    was called up to the Royal...

  • Feedback 15

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to trie editor
    Bag of success?
    From: Tom Delaney, office managers
    Watching World in Action this evening, I
    was intrigued to learn that an unqualified


    Gwenda Tattersall, office manager at
    Central Croydon, has completed 40 years'
    service with the company.
    She joined JS in 1942 at Purley and
    moved to Caterham five years later as
    chief clerk. Gwenda has worked in...


    Joyce Denver, canteen supervisor at
    Dunstable, died on May 16, aged 58, after
    a short illness.
    She began working for the company in
    1954 as a housekeeper at Chelsea, and
    worked at several other branches

  • Archives 16

    A RECENT GIFT to the archives from
    an Oxford housewife proves beyond
    doubt that JS tea, in common with a well
    known proprietory brand, has the claim
    to being a longer-lasting brew!
    The tea packet (right), found beneath