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    Branch openings- Bath, Bournemouth, Peckham, Gravesend, Hornchurch
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    New products
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    Photo competition gallery
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    Business news
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    Hobbies—a look north
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  • Minister at Calcot 02

    Minister at Calcot
    Fisheries and Food, Peter
    Walker, visited Calcot SavaCentre on
    November 19.
    He was accompanied on a tour of the
    store by Sir John Sainsbury and Arthur
    Henn (general manager...

  • SSA draw 02

    SSA draw
    EXTRA SPARKLE was added to the
    festive season for part-time supermarket
    assistant at Dartford, Monica Richardsshe
    was the lucky winner of the halfyearly
    SSA £1,000 draw!
    A stunned Monica commented after

  • Branch opening—Bath 03

    Top: The newly restored Green Park Station. Above: Sir
    John guides Princess Margaret around a special
    exhibition showing the history of the development. ROYAL PATRONAGE has put the
    opening of the new Bath branch firmly in

  • Branch opening—Bournemouth 06

    FAMOUS FOR ITS sun and sea,
    Bournemouth greeted eager customers
    with temperatures below freezing on
    November 30 for the opening of JS's new
    store in the Hampshire Centre.
    Situated just outside the town, the
    supermarket, with...

  • Branch opening—Peckham 07

    A SPLENDID STORE, with splendid
    staff and a fantastic opening!' was the
    comment from deputy manager, Keith
    Harvey, on November 30 following the
    opening of JS's new store at Peckham.
    With a sales area of 17,094 sq ft...

  • Branch opening—Gravesend 08

    ST GEORGE'S SQUARE, Gravesend,
    sparkled on December 7 for the opening
    of the town's new JS store.
    The company is, of course, already
    well known in the area with branches in
    Dartford, Chatham and the nearby

  • Branch opening—Hornchurch 09

    ENORMOUS CROWDS quickly swamped
    the 24,166 sq ft of sales area at
    Hornchurch branch during its record
    breaking opening day on December 7.
    Shortly after the chairman, Sir John
    Sainsbury, and the manager, Elwyn
    Davies, had...

  • Choose choice 10

    Choose choice
    JS's own-label Decaffeinated Gold Choice
    coffee in September of last year,
    Sainsbury's have now introduced
    Continental Choice Coffee (lOOg).
    This new product is made from...

  • Pizzas & pies 10

    Pizzas & pies
    PORK PIE with Rich Pastry, Bacon and
    Pork Pie, Pizza Fingers and French Bread
    Pizza with Peppers are just a few of the new lines recently launched by the pies,
    sausages and burger buying department.
    Pork Pie...

  • What a dish 10

    What a dish
    Voignon and banana cream pie are some
    of the delicious recipes individually
    featured on Sainsbury's new earthenware
    flan dishes.
    There are five different flan dishes
    (91/2" diameter)...

  • Colour coat 11

    Colour coat
    SAINSBURY'S own-label Colour Coat
    range, a series of non-stick, colour
    co-ordinating houseware utensils are
    now available at 19 branches at very
    competitive prices.
    The range includes a large roasting...

  • Fruity 11

    EVER THOUGHT of drinking yogurt?
    JS have now introduced two own-label
    fresh yogurt drinks for that purpose—why
    not try them?
    Low fat Strawberry and Orange drinks
    are made from fresh strawberry and
    orange juice...

  • Sounds fishy 11

    Sounds fishy
    DON'T WAIT for Good Friday to snap
    up JS's latest own-label Coley Portions
    and Fish Cakes—buy them now!
    Coley Portions P'Aoz, 24p), launched
    last November, complement the already
    existing range —Cod and...

  • Photographic Competition 12

    Above! Runner-up.
    Terry Wright,
    manager, Edmonton.
    Right: Runner-up.
    Colin Welch,
    student, Poole.
    Below: Paul Miller,
    student, Pitsea. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE separates
    the attitudes of the winners of the 1982...

  • Jars can . . . 14

    Jars can . . .
    FOOD AND DRINK packaging is in a state
    of rapid development. Not only has almost
    every sort of alcoholic beverage other than
    spirits been sold in a box, but the world of
    bottling and canning is changing too....

  • Tesco rattles the can 14

    Tesco rattles the can
    TESCO'S sales for their half year to August
    14 1982 were 15 per cent up at £1,056
    million. With inflation at 7-8 per cent and
    3 per cent coming from new stores, values
    improved by 3-4 per cent. This...

  • Trials and . . . 14

    Trials and . . .
    SAINSBURY'S recently went on trial—
    accused by the London Borough of Enfield's
    trading standards department of misleading
    the public with its advertising slogans.
    In the test case at Wood Green...

  • Who is so big? 14

    THE SUPPOSED POWER of the major
    supermarket chains has been the subject of
    a lot of attention in recent years. Food manufacturers
    in particular have complained
    about the alleged unfair buying power that
    the large multiples...

  • End of an egg? 15

    End of an egg?
    THE RECENT judgment of a Shropshire
    court may mean that free-range eggs will all
    but disappear. A poultry farmer unsuccessfully
    appealed against a conviction for
    wrongly describing his eggs as free-range.

  • Take the biscuit 15

    Take the biscuit
    IT NOW LOOKS certain that Nabisco
    Brands will take over Huntley & Palmer.
    Nabisco, who gave the world Fudge-Striped
    Shortbread, are perhaps better known in the
    UK for Shredded Wheat. They stepped into

  • Where is Lymeswold? 15

    Where is Lymeswold?
    THE ANSWER is hardly anywhere. It is a
    fictitious name designed by the Milk
    Marketing Board's marketing men. It is
    rarely found on the shelves of grocers.
    Although Lymeswold cheese is reported
    to have a...

  • Which? is wrong 15

    Which? is wrong
    IN ITS October issue last year, Which? published
    one of its periodic reviews of grocery
    prices—the last one was in 1979.
    Unfortunately the report lacked the usual
    objectivity of Which? articles and most...

  • Snakes alive! 16

    Snakes alive!
    There are some unusual
    hobbies and habits at JS
    Whether they are on the land, in the air
    or in the sea is seems that personal
    challenges run high at Sainsbury's.
    With the company's expansion northwards,

  • Managing with Mike 18

    Managing with Mike
    HOMEBASE'S HISTORY, albeit short,
    has already given rise to many new
    opportunities for management progression.
    Various people have chosen to transfer
    from JS to its young subsidiary in order to

  • Selector your wines 19

    Selector your wines
    SAINSBURY'S has recently introduced
    an informative new shelf labelling guide
    for its extensive range of own-label
    white, rose and sparkling wines.
    Called the Sainsbury s Wine Selector,
    it grades all wines...

  • Trolley bags of success 19

    Trolley bags of success
    THE LATEST innovation from JS
    a shopping bag which can be used in
    association with supermarket trolleys to
    make life, from the check-out to the car
    park, easier for customers.
    The PVC trolley bag has...

  • Wimbledon opens—again! 19

    Wimbledon opens—again!
    opened officially on December 7 1982,
    stage two of its development plan having
    finally come to an end following five
    months of extensive refurbishment.
    Stage one opened on...

  • News in brief—a round up of activities companywide 20

    It's all a question of being in the right
    place at the right time and certainly as far
    as Calcot SavaCentre staff were
    concerned, they were in the right place
    when Josceline Dimbleby, author of so
    many JS...

  • Emily's centenary! 22

    Emily's centenary!
    HAVING SEEN the birth of the motorcar,
    the aeroplane and the steam engine,
    Emily Bailey, JS's oldest veteran, saw in
    her 100th birthday with a bang on
    November 12.
    Surrounded by many of her old JS


    Allan Smoker, bacon buyer at Blackfriars,
    has completed 40 years' service with JS.
    He began his career at Stamford House
    in the sales office and subsequently
    moved to Union Street. After two and
    half years in...


    Grace Seal, supermarket assistant at
    Addiscombe, has retired after 20 years'
    service at JS.
    She joined the company at South
    Croydon and remained there until it
    closed in 1965 when she transferred to


    APOLOGIES to three members of staff
    from Hemel Hempstead branch for an
    unfortunate mistake which otcurred in
    the December 1982 issue of the JSJ.
    The names mentioned as being the
    main slimmers should have been:...

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor
    From: Jim Price, driver, Basingstoke
    What a pleasure it was to see the
    re-development of Bath Green Park
    station. A fine new store for JS and...


    Lawrence Daly, building supervisor at
    Woking area office, died on October 26,
    aged 56.
    He had been with the company for 29
    Joyce Fuller, skilled supermarket
    assistant at Harpenden branch, died on
    October 1,...

  • Archives 24

    SATURDAY November 27 saw the
    closure of the counter-service branch at
    Rye Lane, Peckham.
    The occasion was, in some respects, a
    sad one for this was the last service
    branch to be replaced by a modern
    Both staff...