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    Mrs Thatcher's shopping trip
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    Branch opening—Burton
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    Branch and Homebase opening- Bradford 6/7
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    25 club dinner
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    Heart help from HMP
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    Business news

  • Prime Minister visits Nine Elms 02

    1. Sitting down for a
    chat in the staff
    restaurant. On the left
    is Frances Martin,
    chief display
    assistant. 2. The
    Prime Minister meets
    Geneive Feasey (left),
    Brian Kelly, Denise
    Campbell and Ruth
    Hyde. In...

  • Cheque for Liverpool charity 04

    Cheque for Liverpool charity
    ON BEHALF of Sainsbury's, Paul Stefanski
    (above right), Woolton store manager,
    hands over a cheque for £4,000 to John
    Kellaway, chairman of the Liverpool
    Personal Service Society.
    The money from...

  • Property 04

    OPENINGS to put in your diary for the
    month of November are:
    Oldbury Homebase, Ringway/
    Halesowen Street, Oldbury, West
    Midlands on Monday, November 7, at
    9.00 am.
    Cromwell Road supermarket, West
    London Air...

  • Senior appointments 04

    Senior appointments
    Dennis Males
    Dave Smith David Smith
    John Phillipson Robert Parle Graham Paxton DENNIS MALES, departmental director
    branch operations, has been appointed
    director of Homebase. He replaces Joe

  • Branch opening—Burton 05

    Burton-on-Trent is a Midland town famous for its breweries and on September 27
    locals said CHEERS to the opening of Sainsbury's eighth supermarket this year.
    Customers flooded into the 27,449 sq ft store in their hundreds and...

  • Branch and Homebase opening—Bradford 06

    FROM OCTOBER 11 Bradford was able
    to boast a Salisbury's and Homebase. On
    that day the large shopping development
    on Harrogate Road opened its doors to a
    wet and windswept public.
    Three miles from the centre...

  • 25 club dinner 08

    Long servers
    are given their
    share at dinner
    THE ANNOUNCEMENT made by the
    Chairman, Sir John Sainsbury, that staff
    with 25 years' service or more will receive
    50 Sainsbury's shares, well and truly
    raised the glasses of all...

  • The heart of the matter 09

    The heart
    of the
    Sainsbury's, and
    Haverhill Meat
    Products in
    particular, have been
    involved in a major
    medical research
    and development
    story which has been
    continuing quietly
    since the mid 1970s.
    NOW THE story...

  • Focus on Shaw's-JS's investment in America 10

    Focus on Shaw's-JS's investment in America
    DUE TO the press date of the last issue, we
    were able only to give the briefest details of
    Shaw's, JS's new investment in the USA. So
    this article goes into a little more...

  • Armchair shopping under way 11

    Armchair shopping under way
    THE BUTTON has been pressed to begin
    home food shopping.
    The development first reported in JSJ
    December 1982 is now under way in the
    Jill Dunwoody of Solihull became the first

  • Deli diets 11

    Deli diets
    A RECENT report by market researcher,
    Mintel Publications, claims that despite the
    recession people are generally better off
    than they were ten years ago.
    And eating habits are changing—the
    quality of food and...

  • Food and drink 11

    Food and drink
    JAMES GULLIVER has reorganized his
    business interests. Argyll Foods—the Presto
    and_Liptons supermarket group—is to
    merge with Amalgamated Distilled Products.
    ADP is a spirit manufacturer and

  • News from the north 11

    News from the north
    HILLARDS—the Northern chain —raised
    their turnover by 11.1 per cent to £204.2
    million. This included some improvement in
    sales in existing stores, but also benefited
    from openings at Buttershaw and...

  • Pack Your Own may pack up 11

    Pack Your Own may pack up
    FINE FARE have run into a few bureaucratic
    brick walls with their development.of bulk
    foods. Pack Your Own, as they call it, has
    proved very successful with shoppers, but
    has not scored a hit with...

  • Suit yourself at high tech BHS 11

    Suit yourself at high tech BHS
    BRITISH HOME Stores are moving into two
    new markets. Twenty-one stores now
    feature electronics departments which sell
    anything from a telephone to a home
    computer. BHS claim to have...

  • On your marks...get set...go! 12

    On your marks...get set...go!
    ALL THE FUN of the fair, all the
    excitement of the sports arena; /e^ the
    pomp and circumstance of a ceremony—
    it really was a knockout! The first ever
    Coventry area sports day.
    The eagerly...

  • Perfect guests for party time 14

    Perfect guests for party time
    GIVE ALL GHOULIES and ghosties a
    bewitching party this Hallowe'en season.
    Sainsbury's new range of drinks will
    get them into the right spirit.
    The younger ghosties will love
    Sainsbury's Orange...

  • Photographic competition results 16

    Photographic competition results
    First prize—Joyce Kiddy works engineers planning clerk,
    Buntingford depot. This picture says it all.'
    Second prize—Pam Hogben, evening assistant, Dover.
    It's all in the little...

  • Boss required 19

    Boss required
    MARGARET COOPER, BPO at Magdalen
    Street, Norwich, is in urgent need
    of a boss. No, not the type you might
    make tea for, but the type you could
    make battle with—that is, the kind of
    boss used in archery...

  • Grapevine message 19

    Grapevine message
    NEWS TRAVELS fast through the
    grapevine—even from Welwyn Garden
    City to far away Israel.
    Twelve year old Bruce Wood, a
    customer from Welwyn Garden City
    branch, recently bought a bunch of
    seedless white...

  • Heads together at Homebase 19

    Heads together at Homebase
    TRAINEE managers at Homebase head
    office, Croydon, were up to their ears in
    French furniture polish and paint pots on
    October 5 and loving every minute of it.
    This intensive practical skill...

  • Scouse appeal 19

    Scouse appeal
    AN APPEAL for help in the national
    newspapers for a little four month old
    beagle/jack russell called Scouse, ill
    treated by his previous owners, recently
    caught the attention of a number of staff

  • 100th birthday 20

    Lillian Osborne
    100th birthday
    WHAT DO W G Grace, Catherine
    Bramwell-Booth and JS veteran, Lillian
    Osborne have in common? Answer—they
    all reached 100. W G Grace was the first
    cricketer to score a century and...

  • Bags abroad 20

    Bags abroad
    Above: Slowly but surely Sainsbury's carrier
    bags advance across Europe. This one was
    spotted in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia!
    Left: A carrier of good news! Christine
    Matthews, a customer from Cheam, spreads
    the word...

  • Gerry got a break 20

    Gerry got a break
    PERFECT POTTING and planting
    enabled Gerry Kitson, general assistant,
    to become the first ever winner of Leeds
    Homebase pool competition, held on
    October 10.
    It took Gerry only 20 minutes of

  • Victory for sailor girl 20

    Victory for sailor girl
    sailor girl
    PUTNEY branch may be near the
    Thames, but it still comes as a surprise to
    find that it harbours a prize-winning
    Janet Hill, supermarket assistant, was a
    member of the sea cadet...

  • A specialist in service 21

    Jean Lewis
    A specialist
    in service
    could bank on Sainsbury's for expert help
    on customer relations when they
    launched the Nat West Bank staff ideas
    competition this summer.
    Designed to draw...

  • Winter woollies 21

    Winter woollies
    AS THE frosty season approaches, flatter
    your kids' toes with the range of
    sensational socks from Sainsbury's.
    The new socks come in a multitude of
    colours and designs.
    Bold diamonds, delicate lacy...

  • The lady and the lorries 22

    The lady
    and the
    THE LORRIES hurtle along outside. In
    and around the garage some of the lorries
    are receiving a wash and brush up to
    appear on the roads in sparkling
    condition. Others are immobile...

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor
    Prices past
    From: C W Turner, Veteran.
    Recently in your archives section you
    printed some old price lists. I am sure
    that many veterans can remember these


    Les Sayer, assistant meat manager at
    Chippenham, has completed 25 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Wood
    Eve Lee, skilled supermarket assistant
    at Crawley, has completed 25 years...


    Jean Lockhart, evening display assistant
    at Hove, died on August 19, aged 34. She
    had been with the company for two years.
    Doris Munslow, skilled supermarket
    assistant at Southend, died on July 24,
    aged 59. She had...


    Richard Jessup, manager at Oxhey, has
    retired after 43 years' service with JS.
    He managed Oxhey branch for the last
    20 years.
    Hilda Dunn, cashier at Bromley branch,
    has retired after 34 years with JS.
    She joined...

  • Presents from the past 24

    from the
    HAT a gift! In 1913 purchases of
    tea from Sainsbury's could earn customers
    a free tea service.
    This pretty floral plate and milk jug
    were brought to the archives by Mrs
    Keenan, a customer...