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  • Advertiser of the year! 02

    Advertiser of the year!
    A JS FIRST for '83! Campaign, the
    advertising industry's weekly publication,
    recently announced: 'Its proven
    business acumen and the wit, colour and
    simplicity of its advertising make...

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    Homebase opening—Basingstoke
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    New products
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    Business news
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    Just the Job
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    Forty year luncheon
    Page 15-17
    News in brief—a round-up of activities...

  • Property 02

    THE COMPANY has acquired a site
    earmarked for development in Chiswick.
    Plans for the 5.4 acres include a 57,000 sq
    ft supermarket, three sub-let units totalling
    around 5,700 sq ft and parking for 364

  • Research award 02

    Research award
    DR ROY SPENCER, departmental
    director of the scientific services division,
    recendy made a £7,000 grant on behalf of
    the Sainsbury Charitable Fund, to
    London's St Thomas's Hospital Medical
    School for...

  • Senior management conference 03

    Above: Heads down in the syndicates. Right: Sir John Sainsbury and
    Roy Griffiths during the question and answer session.
    Senior management conference THE THIRD senior management
    conference was held in Eastbourne on
    January 16...

  • Homebase opening—Basingstoke 04

    DESPITE CRISP winter weather on
    December 28, 1982, an almost overwhelming
    interest was shown in the
    opening of Homebase's new house and
    garden centre on Winchester Road,
    Basingstoke, Hampshire.
    It was only die fifth store to...

  • Quick bite 06

    Quick bite
    SAINSBURY'S have recently introduced
    a new range of six pre-packed Fresh
    Sandwiches which, at present, are on sale
    in five London branches and in the staff
    shop at Blackfriars.
    For a quick take-away snack at...

  • Soups and starters 06

    Soups and starters
    SOUPS & STARTERS, Sainsbury's latest
    full-colour, hardback recipe book by
    Caroline Ellwood, promises to get all
    meals off to a good start!
    Giving a wide range of tempting
    appetisers, including hors...

  • Bun in the oven 07

    There is no Text

  • Fine wine 07

    Fine wine
    ENJOY THE NEW year with Sainsbury's
    Monbazillac, appellation controlee, a
    new French white wine now available at
    140 branches (£2.48).
    Monbazillac is a full bodied sweet wine
    which, served chilled, is the...

  • Pans and plugs 07

    YET ANOTHER extension has been
    made to the popular JS Cookware
    range—a two in one teak-handled egg
    poacher/omelette pan.
    Manufactured from good gauge
    aluminium and heat resistant plastic,
    Sainsbury's 4-Cup Poacher is very...

  • Argyll results 08

    Argyll results
    THE ARGYLL group has almost digested
    Allied Suppliers which it purchased in June
    1982. Results for the enlarged group for the
    six months to September 25 1982 have
    recently been announced, and figures...

  • JS is Tops! 08

    JS is Tops!
    FOR THE very first time Sainsbury's has
    toppled the Co-operative movement for the
    position of Britain's biggest grocery retailer.
    The monthly figures produced by Audits of
    Great Britain (AGB) show that for the...

  • Northern foods 08

    Northern foods
    NORTHERN FOODS, a major supplier to
    both JS and Marks & Spencer, has notched
    up a 23 per cent increase in pre-tax profits
    to £41.2 million on sales of £1 billion.
    These good results benefit from the...

  • Red wine! 08

    Red wine!
    THE RUSSIANS are to launch a sales drive
    to promote their own wine in Britain!
    Wines available in the UK, a red table
    wine, Ruby of Crimea, Krim Red and White
    Sparkling, have been described by an
    expert as 'awful,...

  • Roll your own 08

    Roll your own
    TWO BIG supermarket chains are ready to
    sell own-label cigarettes!
    They want to exploit the market gap
    which is appearing between high quality
    'premium' brands and cut price 'commodity'
    cigarettes which sell...

  • Trolley hold-up 08

    Trolley hold-up
    A PLAN to round up abandoned supermarket
    trolleys by Sutton council and fine
    local traders £5 each for their return came
    unstuck—stores, including JS, initially
    refused to pay!
    But Sainsbury's, along with...

  • Draught milk 09

    Draught milk
    WHATEVER NEXT! The Milk Marketing
    Board's latest ploy is its milk in pubs
    After test marketing in 26 pubs in the
    Midlands, the idea is now going nationwide.
    Over the next ten months some 1,000 pubs

  • Kwik save 09

    Kwik save
    THE LIMITED-RANGE discount group,
    Kwik Save, recorded a 22 per cent increase
    in pre-tax profits for the year ended August
    Now trading out of 306 stores, each
    selling only some 1,000 lines (in comparison

  • Lymeswold follow up 09

    Lymeswold follow up
    IN THE WAKE of the overwhelmingly
    successful launch of Lymeswold, Dairy
    Crest, the marketing arm of the Milk
    Marketing Board, is to start test marketing a
    new soft cheese.
    It will initially be made with...

  • Morrison & Mainstop 09

    Morrison & Mainstop
    NORTHERN supermarketer, William
    Morrison, has bought three Mainstop
    superstores from BAT—the conglomerate
    which owned International and Mainstop.
    The three stores are at Eccles, Gainsborough

  • Safeway up 09

    Safeway up
    EVERYTHING you want from a store and a
    little bit more!'—including a healthy 27 per
    cent increase in profits. The UK Safeway
    operation recorded pre-tax profits of £17.1
    million in the year to October 2 1982....

  • Standard measure 09

    Standard measure
    BRITAIN is likely to be using a standard
    measure for a glass of wine in pubs and
    restaurants by 'about 1984', according to
    the chairman of the Wine Development
    He was commenting on the...

  • JS's home economics department 10

    JS's home economics department
    December 17,1982 was a red letter day for JS's home economics department at Blackfriars. It marked the occasion of their
    1,000th published recipe! Since 1977 they have conceived ideas...

  • Football crazy 12

    Football crazy
    'TRAINING is the hardest thing to
    maintain as you progress at work'
    according to Colin Smith, deputy
    manager of the meat buying department
    at Blackfriars, who has devoted his
    leisure time to football since...

  • Treading the boards 12

    Treading the boards
    SPARKLING MEMORIES of show business
    were brought back recently to
    Kathy Denby, now a part-time supermarket
    assistant at South Woodford
    Kathy was reminded of her days on the
    stage and screen by...

  • Active retirement 14

    Active retirement
    CHRISTMAS EVE saw the end of 43
    dedicated years of service for Cyril 'Bos'
    Bosworth, provisions manager, Edgware,
    and the beginning of what promises to be
    a very active retirement.
    Bos joined the company at...

  • Forty Year Luncheon 14

    Forty Year Luncheon
    was held on January 10 at the usual
    venue—the Howard Hotel, London.
    Sir John Sainsbury and four JS
    directors, accompanied by their wives,
    hosted the event which was held...

  • News in brief—a round up of activities companywide 15

    A CHEQUE FOR £2000 was presented
    by Chris Hemsby manager of Kidderminster,
    to Don Maclean, of Crackerjack
    fame, on November 27,1982.
    The grand sum was donated by the
    Salisbury's Charitable Fund to...

  • Top marks at Charlton 15

    Top marks at Charlton
    RUNNER UP in the Trainee of the Year
    award for second year students and a
    distinction in a refrigeration mechanics
    exam were the awards granted to two
    trainees at Charlton depot at the end of

  • 5-a-side success 16

    THE FIRST season of the SSA 5-a-side
    football tournament, held at the Elephant
    and Castle Sports Centre, has come to
    an end.
    The tournament has been a great
    success and a full league and cup
    programme has been completed with...

  • Bullseye! 17

    A PROUD MUM! Pam Deller, supermarket
    assistant at Ipswich branch is the
    mother of a much publicised face of late,
    the new Embassy world professional
    darts champion, Keith Deller!
    Keith, 23, was a 66-1 outsider at...


    D Becker, formerly manager of
    Brentwood, has been appointed manager
    of Southend.
    C Cuthill, formerly manager of
    Farnham, has been appointed manager
    of Sutton.
    T Day, formerly manager of Sutton, has


    Edward 'Kitch' Kitchingham, meat
    manager at Kilburn, has completed 40
    years' service with JS.
    He began his career at 94 The Wells in
    the provisions department.
    Before joining the Royal Navy in 1946


    Hazel Beckett, part-time supermarket
    assistant at Shirley, died on December 19,
    aged 52, after a long illness.
    She had been with the company for
    nearly six years.
    Joyce Brown, part-time display assistant
    at Luton...


    Joseph Bunker, works engineer at
    Basingstoke depot, has retired after 26
    years' service at JS.
    He joined the company at Blackfriars
    and after six months became permanent
    night cleaner. Joseph was later...

  • Christmas quiz solutions 19

    Christmas quiz solutions
    THE ANSWERS to the Archives
    Christmas Quiz, JSJ December 1982, are
    as follows:
    1. The connection between Romford
    manual store and Lord Sainsbury is that
    the store was opened in the year of...

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    addressed to the editor
    From: A customer at Brighton Hill.
    Last week I had occasion to have a little
    moan about the apparent indifference of
    a pair of shop...

  • Archives 20

    AT a jumble sale at an old
    people's home, this book, The Shadow of
    the Yatnen, has at first glance little to do
    with JS.
    The connection, however, is given
    away by the bookplate, for the volume
    comes from the...