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    Branch opening—Northfield
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    Homebase opening—Seven Kings
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    Business news
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    Miss JS Personality Girl 1983
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    New products
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  • National Health aide 02

    National Health aide
    ROY GRIFFITHS, JS's managing
    director and deputy chairman, is to head
    an inquiry into the effective use and
    management of manpower and related
    resources of the National Health Service.
    The appointment...

  • New computers for JS 02

    New computers for JS
    SAINSBURY'S has ordered an Atlas 10
    IBM compatible computer system from
    ICL (International Computers Ltd), which
    is due for delivery in June.
    The Atlas 10 offers a range of systems
    including the most...

  • Youth Training Scheme 02

    Youth Training Scheme
    ISN'T IT NICE to know that during such
    times of high unemployment, Sainsbury's
    is yet again going against the trend!
    As well as consistently creating new
    jobs through expansion, and being one of
    the top...

  • Freezer Centre 03

    Freezer Centre
    WALTON-ON-THAMES branch is very
    proud of its replacement Freezer Centre,
    which opened on February 2, only halfa-
    mile down the road from the old centre.
    Situated next door to the supermarket,
    the new Freezer...

  • Stage one at Arnold 03

    Stage one at Arnold
    SNOW STORMS did not detef faithful
    customers on February 8 from turning
    out to witness stage one of the Arnold
    branch extension.
    The 'old store', of 10,800 sq ft, closed
    for extensive modernisation and...

  • Branch opening—Northfield 04

    1. Eager shoppers queue before
    opening. 2. Store manager,
    Steven Fuery and BPO, Norah
    Gosling. 3. Deputy manager,
    Gordon Webb. 4. Sir John
    Sainsbury welcomed the first
    customers. 5. Rear entrance
    to the store. 6. Also at...

  • Homebase opening—Seven Kings 06

    1. Exterior of new store.
    2. Sleet and snow didn't
    deter shoppers looking
    around outside—thanks to
    the courtesy umbrellas.
    3. Laura Ashley's storewithin-
    a-store. 4. Gurth Hoyer Millar (left)
    greets the...

  • Frozen food—what for the future? 08

    Frozen food—what for the future?
    ONE OF THE SINGLE most important
    trends in food consumption is the continued
    increase in the use of frozen food. The
    pattern of frozen food expenditure in recent
    years is shown in table...

  • ASDA 09

    announced their results tor the half-year to
    November 13.
    The sad saga of Ukay, the furniture
    superstore company, came to an end. It
    turned in trading losses of £0.7 million,

  • Breakfast tv 09

    Breakfast tv
    EARLY RISERS will have noticed a change
    to their television screens in recent weeks.
    Both the BBC with Breakfast Time, and a
    new independent contractor, TV-AM, have
    chosen to disturb the early...

  • Fitch Lovell 09

    Fitch Lovell
    FITCH LOVELL fired off the best possible
    riposte in their defence against the
    unwelcome bid from Linfood. The owners
    of Keymarkets report pre-tax profits to
    October 23, up 43 per cent against the...

  • JS rules OK 09

    JS rules OK
    LAST OCTOBER Woman magazine asked
    its readers: Tell us what you think about
    supermarkets'—and 40,000 did!
    The answers, when analysed, proved
    what JS already knows-Sainsbury's is
    To the question, 'Where...

  • Milko 09

    THE LATEST innovation in the milk world
    comes from Express Dairies in Chester.
    Flexible milk packs, one and a quarter
    inches wide, are being postod through letter
    boxes in Cheshire to beat thieves who steal
    bottles from...

  • New bodies 09

    New bodies
    BRITAIN'S packaging manufacturers are to
    be represented by two newly formed trade
    The larger body, part of the Process Plant
    Association, to be called the Food, Drink
    and Machinery Group, will...

  • Miss JS Personality Girl 1983 10

    Miss JS 1983
    an evening
    of glamour
    fun and
    This years' annual
    SSA dinner and dance
    proved better than ever ONE THOUSAND people raised the
    roof at the West Centre Hotel on
    February 19 during the annual...

  • Legs extra 12

    Legs extra
    LOOK DEVASTATINGLY elegant and
    seductive with JS's new own-label
    Patterned Tights and Stockings, now
    available at 200 branches.
    Sainsbury's first sheer pattern tights
    (15 denier) have a three spot design all

  • Products 12

    OWN-LABEL Custard Powder is now
    available in a new 12oz packet as well as
    the 12oz and 24oz drums already on sale.
    The new packet sells for a competitive
    32p at 130 branches.
    SOMETHING'S brewing... a bumper
    pack of 240 JS...

  • Whirls, quills, spirals & shells 12

    Whirls, quills, spirals & shells
    MEET THE FOUR NEW Italian Pastas
    you don't have to wind round a fork—
    whirls, quills, spirals and shells—available
    for only 32p each (250 gram).
    Now that it is easier to pick up...

  • Cheese snack 13

    Cheese snack
    SPREAD a little Petit Suisse, Sainsbury's
    new low fat soft cheese, on a jacket
    potato or eat it with a salad for the
    perfect snack.
    In a unit of three little pots (30 grams
    each), this delicious cheese sells for...

  • More ready meals 13

    More ready meals
    SAINSBURY'S have put a new 'slant' on
    Ready Meals this month with the launch
    of Chinese Ready Meals—Chicken with
    Chillies (£1.49), Chicken with Peanuts
    (£1.49), Lemon Chicken (£1.49), Special
    Fried Rice...

  • Spring clean with Sainsbury's 13

    Spring clean with Sainsbury's
    ATTRACTIVELY redesigned JS Cream
    Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Floor Polish,
    Liquid Cleaner, Oven Spray and Floor
    and Wall Cleaner represent everything
    one could possibly need for that big

  • Rita in oils 14

    Rita in oils
    A proud Rita shows off some of her works. 'MY FIRST EVER painting, immortalised
    on the back of my mother's insurance
    policy, was of a crinoline lady' commented
    Rita Farnell, BPO at Ashford.,
    who has been painting...

  • Co-ops combine 15

    Co-ops combine
    TWO OF THE largest co-operative retail
    societies, the Greater Lancastria and North
    Midland, have agreed to merge. With
    annual sales in excess of £220 million and
    about 250 stores, they will become one of

  • Starling work 15

    great success for veteran Len Starling,
    previously secretary of the SSA.
    'I thought that if I sold one or two
    paintings it would just be an added bonus
    to the joy of holding my own one man

  • Sunday trading 15

    Sunday trading
    THE FOLLOWING letter from chairman. Sir
    John Sainsbury, was published in The
    Times on February 15:
    Sir, There is no doubt that the effect of
    Sunday trading varies according to the type
    of trade. In non-food...

  • Marathon presentation 16

    Marathon presentation
    JIMMY SAVILE, OBE, received a
    cheque for £306.70 on behalf of Stoke
    Mandeville Hospital on January 29,
    presented to him by David Baker, Maintenance
    Engineer at Charlton depot.
    David, who has been with...

  • News in Brief 16

    STAFF AT West Wickham branch
    organised raffles galore before Christmas
    last year, in aid of the local Cheyne
    Hospital for Children.
    Their marvellous efforts resulted in a
    cheque for £300 being handed over to a

  • Pancake princess 17

    Pancake princess
    IT WAS OUT OF Northwich into the
    frying pan for Sue Lomas, Miss JS 1982,
    who took part for the second year
    running in the Grocery Trade Personality
    Girls National Pancake Race in Lincoln's
    Inn Fields, on...

  • Apologies 18

    FIRSTLY to Dr Roy Spencer (p2, JSJ
    February '83). The printers somehow
    managed to reverse the photograph of Dr
    Spencer and his colleagues. The caption
    should therefore be read in reverse order:
    (I to r) Dr Dick...

  • Baby boom 18

    Baby boom
    PRODUCTIVITY is definitely on the
    increase at Winchester branch where
    eight members of staff are all expecting
    twins, triplets, sextuplets—who knows—
    between the months of March and July. Commented BPO, Beryl...

  • Unanimous praise 18

    Unanimous praise
    YOUNG STUDENTS from St Saviour's
    School, Oxton, were unanimous in their
    praise of Birkenhead branch after a
    recent visit in January of this year.
    During the school visit, the children,
    aged between six and...

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    and should "be
    addressed to the editor
    Thank you JS
    From: Cynthia Gillett, JS home economist,
    Kent, SE London & S Essex.
    Members of the Redbridge Focus Club
    have asked me to thank, through the


    Arthur Hibberd, deputy meat manager at
    Brighton branch, has completed 25 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Hove and a
    year later was promoted to leading
    butcher.. In 1963 he became assistant


    Richard Dick, returns and despatch
    warehouseman at Charlton depot, died
    suddenly on December 28, aged 60.
    He had been with the company for 17
    Rose Martin, supermarket assistant at
    Stafford branch, died on...


    Mary Gaywood, assistant checkout
    manager at Wallington, has retired after
    20 years' service at JS.
    She joined the firm as a packer/
    weigher. In 1968 Mary transferred to the
    checkouts, until 1973 when she became...

  • Archives 20

    AN EXHIBITION of the work of
    designer, Leonard Beaumont, at the
    Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield last
    month, has brought to mind some
    examples of his work in the JS archives
    which illustrate his efforts in coming to