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    Branch opening- Crosby
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    Homebase opening— Gloucester
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    Business news
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    New products
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    Family day
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    News in brief—a round-up of activities...

  • Vintage wines launch 02

    Vintage wines launch
    CHATEAU TERTRE du Moulin Entre
    Deux Mers 1982 and Domaine du
    Colombier Chinon 1981 were only two of
    the exclusive Sainsbury's Vintage Selection
    wines being launched at Stamford
    House on Monday, May...

  • Banking on JS 03

    Banking on JS
    WORKING IN CLOSE co-operation
    with the four major clearing banks,
    Sainsbury's has installed automatic teller
    machines outside the Crystal Palace
    The three machines are situated near
    the entrance to the...

  • It's an honour 03

    It's an honour
    Payne is now a Commander of the British
    Empire. He was awarded the CBE in the
    Queen's June birthday honours.
    Len Payne CBE, FCCA, FCIT, CBIM,
    MBSC, MIRTE is president elect of...

  • Property 03

    A JS STORE in Lewes Road, Brighton,
    the construction of which is scheduled to
    start in August, is to include part of the
    area's history.
    An old viaiduct, cinema and pill factory
    have been cleared from the site but a...

  • Reflections at Blackfriars 03

    Reflections at Blackfriars
    WAKEFIELD HOUSE, pictured on the
    iront cover of the Journal, received its
    first occupants on June 6, becoming the
    third JS head office building in Stamford
    Affectionately known as the...

  • Branch opening—Crosby 04

    PEOPLE don't keep things to themselves
    in Crosby. This suburb of Liverpool, half
    way to seaside Southport, boasts a neat
    and busy high street and an effective
    bush telegraph.
    Famous Merseyside friendliness
    ensured that news...

  • Homebase opening—Gloucester 06

    AN ISLAND in the sea of Gloucester'
    was the way a local newspaper described
    Sainsbury's new Homebase house and
    garden centre which opened on Bank
    Holiday Monday, May 30.
    Built on a traffic island on St Oswald's
    Road, the...

  • Dressing up 08

    Dressing up
    FOLLOWING the disposal of the Mainstop
    superstores, the International group are now
    concentrating on improving their supermarkets.
    There will be a major refurbishment
    programme for half the group's 410 stores,

  • Floods for farmers 08

    Floods for farmers
    THE SPRING weather has played havoc
    with farmers' plans. One farmer of my
    acquaintance, who in recent history has
    never been known to take a holiday actually
    had one week off in April because there...

  • Marriage of convenience 08

    Marriage of convenience
    movement is about to take its greatest
    single step. The two giants—the Cooperative
    Wholesale Society and the Cooperative
    Retail Society—are destined to
    merge. The...

  • New steps for Boots 08

    New steps for Boots
    BOOTS the chemists increased pre-tax
    profits for their year to March 31 by nearly 17
    per cent to £140 million. Sales rose by 12 per
    cent to £1.7 billion. However the improvement
    comes after four or five...

  • SA sell off by ABF 08

    SA sell off by ABF
    THE GIANT Associated British Foods has
    announced that it is going to sell its stake in
    the South African food manufacturer,
    Premier Group, for £198 million in cash.
    ABF-Broomfields bakeries,...

  • Tesco in Eire 08

    Tesco in Eire
    TESCO are looking to expand their Eire
    Originally based on the Three Guys chain
    acquired from Albert Gubay, which proved
    none too successful, out of 24 existing
    stores, 16 outlets are now...

  • The key to bidding 08

    The key to bidding
    THE LONG-RUNNING Fitch Lovell soap
    opera continues. We left the set in Xhe last
    JSJ with Linfood having made a £40.8
    million offer for Key Markets. Safeway you
    will remember, had failed to respond to...

  • The latest film 08

    The latest film
    THE LATEST film isn't Tootsie; it's more
    likely to be tootie-fruitles because real
    plastic food has arrived in film form.
    A large Japanese biochemical research
    company, Hayashlbara, has developed food
    In the...

  • Winds of change at trade fair 08

    Winds of change at trade fair
    DEVELOPMENTS in wine packaging
    continue apace. On display at the recent
    London Wine Trade Fair were 25cl cans of
    Beaujolais! Recommended retail price is
    about £1.25 for the equivalent of...

  • JS end of year results 09

    JS end of year results
    JS END OF YEAR results were announced
    on May 24. Sales were up 17.6 per cent and
    profit rose by 17.2 per cent. Seven per cent
    more customers passed through the
    checkouts and there were 3,300 more...

  • Bath time 10

    Bath time
    IF YOU'RE about to go out and buy the
    same old sponge, don't. Splash out on
    Sainsbury's new own-label Luxury Bath
    and Baby sponges now on sale in 148
    Available in four stunning colours,

  • Bitter news 10

    Bitter news
    SAINSBURY'S own-label bitter has been
    re-christened Sainsbury's Rutland Bitter
    to reflect the strong emphasis being
    placed on regional beers. Already on sale
    at JS are Wessex, Yorkshire and Bedford

  • Cream of coffees 10

    Cream of coffees
    TO BEANS or not to beans, that is the
    question, whether to buy Sainsbury's new
    Decaffeinated Vacuum Packed Filter
    Coffee, Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans
    now available in 76 (Vacuum Packed)
    and 144 branches...

  • Fishy dishes 10

    Fishy dishes
    FISH LOVERS will fall hook line and
    sinker for the latest recipes available in
    Sainsbury's new food guide 'Buying and
    Cooking Fish and Seafood" and new
    colour cookbook, 'The Fish Recipe
    Book', both written by...

  • Summer wine 10

    Summer wine
    WHO NEEDS sun and sea when you can
    conjure up all that and more with the
    help of a glass of JS's own-label Cotes de
    Provence Rose (Appellation Cotes de
    Provence controlee).
    The wines of Cotes de Provence...

  • That's cool 10

    That's cool
    KEEP COOL this summer with Sainsbury's
    mouthwatering own-label Sorbet
    Mix (105 gram) available in three delicious
    flavours—grapefruit, orange and
    A first for JS, Sorbet Mix is an ideal

  • Family day 11

    FAMILY DAY Sunday June 12 at the Griffin Ground in Dulwich S T WAS LOVELY weather for ducks in
    the early hours of Family Day '83 but mid
    morning saw the sun pulHng its hat firmly
    on and driving the umbrellas away.
    Suddenly it...

  • Photographic Competition 17

    HAVE A SHOT at this year's prizes up for
    grabs in the SSA/JS Journal Photographic
    Competition and send your black and
    white pictures in today.
    The rules are simple: You may enter as
    many prints as you like. Each must have

  • Recipe for progress 17

    Left to right: Cynthia Gillett, Jane Babbage, Wendy Godfrey and Elizabeth Murphy.
    Recipe for progress JS HOME ECONOMISTS had plenty of
    food for thought at the 13th annual
    general meeting on June 8 at Rennie
    Topics for...

  • Chocolate for Chipipa 18

    Chocolate for Chipipa
    CHIPIPA, an orphan in The Falconer
    Children's Orphanage in Zambia, is now
    a strapping two year old thanks tc
    Sainsbury's Drinking Chocolate.
    When his mother died after he was
    bom, Chipipa was brought to...

  • John's cool win 18

    John's cool win
    Children's Theatre will shortly be
    resounding with junior cat-calls. Curtain
    calls, that is, for a cat.
    'One Cool Cat' is the winning play
    of the Sainsbury's Play for Polka...

  • Savacentre and the stars 18

    Savacentre and the stars
    SAVACENTRE recently sponsored an
    all stars charity football match organised
    by Special Olympics at Villa Park,
    Birmingham, on Sunday May 22.
    The game was between a host of BBC
    TV celebrities led by...

  • Working lunch 18

    Working lunch
    HERE'S A LUNCH break with a
    On Monday May 23, Peter Bye, grocery
    manager at Wellingborough, dashed out
    of the branch at one o'clock, swam a mile
    in the local baths and returned to work 40

  • Bedknobs and umbrellas 20

    Bedknobs and umbrellas
    IT WAS BEDLAM in Gloucester on
    April 24, when students from the branch
    took to the streets in their beds, despite
    pouring rain, to raise money for the
    Langford school for autistic children and adults...

  • Setting a jelly crisis to right 20

    Setting a jelly crisis to right
    THE WESSEX HOTEL, Winchester,
    nearly came to a sticky end when they
    ran out of redcurrant jelly!
    Sir Keith Joseph, Education Secretary,
    who was dining there at the time,
    requested redcurrant...

  • They're bright in Brighton 20

    They're bright in Brighton
    TALENT, talent everywhere—well that's
    certainly true at Churchill Square.
    The following poem is the latest of
    many little rhymes which have recently
    been flowing from Sylvia Gurr's pen,...

  • Talking walking 21

    Many of us like to take a
    leisurely stroll now and
    then but Steve Till takes it
    to the extrenne! A member
    of the Surrey walking club,
    Steve's ambition is to walk
    his way into the Olympics.
    STEVE'S role...


    IVI Booth, formerly manager of Kingswood,
    has been appointed manager of
    D S Buddin, formerly deputy manager
    of Putney, has been appointed manager of
    P E Carr, formerly manager of

  • Ken's very active service 22

    Ken's very active service
    LIFE AT JS was hectic and a challenge
    but I thrived on all 46 years,' says Ken
    Wood, AGM seconded to SavaCentre,
    who retired on April 29.
    Hard work was always Ken's motto in
    life. 'At JS I know I...


    Don Shrubsore, in the meat buying
    department at Blackfriars, has retired
    after 46 years' service with JS.
    Bob Tanner, assistant accountant at
    Streatham office, has retired after 46
    years' service with JS.

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor
    Poetic praise
    From: A Allen, customer at Cheltenham
    As a regular Sainsbury's shopper
    I don't normally eulogise
    Yet 1 felt a little praise
    On this...


    Andy Andrews assistant meat manager at
    Leatherhead, has completed 40 years'
    service with JS.
    He began his career at Leatherhead
    and has worked at several branches
    including Morden, Sutton and Chelsea


    Doreen Dyer, part-time supermarket
    assistant at Bexhill branch, died on May
    11, aged 56.
    She had been with the company for 29
    Brian Goombridge, checkout manager
    at Langley, died suddenly on May 19,

  • It's clean It's fresh 24

    It's clean It's fresh
    IF YOU thought household goods were a
    fairly recent addition to Sainsbury's
    range take a look at the postcard below
    dating from 1934.
    Sales at the new Potters Bar branch
    were rather slow to pick up so...