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  • Arts award for 'Images' 02

    Arts award for 'Images'
    IN THE 1983 Business Sponsorship of the
    Arts Awards organised by ABSA and the
    Daily Telegraph, Sainsbury's won an award
    for The Best Single Event.
    The award was presented in London
    recently to Sir...

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    Architect awards
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    Branch opening -Halifax
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    Homebase opening— Branksome
    Page 8-9
    New products
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    News from the home economics department
    Page 10-11
    Business news
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    How pasta is...

  • JS's investment in Shaw's 02

    FOLLOWING the announcement of JS's
    investment in Shaw's, the American food
    chain, three visitors from Shaw's spent a
    week in Britain learning more about JS.
    Assistant managing director, Peter
    Davis (second from left), is...

  • Senior management appointments 02

    Senior management appointments
    Bob Cooper
    Michael Rosen Derrick Foster BOB COOPER, presently head of grocery III
    has been appointed departmental director,
    bakery and delicatessen, with.effect from
    March 1984.

  • Awards for JS Architecture 03

    Awards for JS Architecture
    JS has been building on its
    already solid reputation for first
    class architecture. The company
    has recently received no less
    than four awards in appreciation
    of stores in Birkenhead,

  • Branch opening—Halifax 04

    SAINSBURY'S latest West Yorkshire store
    has opened in Halifax. It joins the Huddersfield,
    Leeds and Bradford stores, already
    popular in the area.
    With 24,285 sq ft of sales area, the building
    is largely single storey and...

  • Homebase opening—Branksome 06

    NOT ONE but hundreds of Christmas trees
    were sold at Branksome Homebase, house
    and garden centre on December 5—opening
    Situated on a busy roundabout, five
    minutes from the local railway station, the
    new Homebase...

  • Crumbs! 08

    THOSE WHO like their munches to be
    scrunchy will crunch with delight at the latest
    JS biscuit lines.
    Sainsbury's Treacle Crunch Creams are a
    double delicacy. Each biscuit consists of
    treacle flavoured cream...

  • Do the continental 08

    Do the continental
    MAKE luxury cooking easy—open one of
    the new ready meals from JS.
    There's something fishy going on with
    Plaice Bonne Femme, consisting of rolled
    plaice fillets with prawns and mushrooms in a
    wine and...

  • Fine wine 08

    Fine wine
    A TOAST to the New Year! Try a taste of the
    latest offerings from JS.
    With Vin Blanc de France Doux, you have
    the best possible way to say cheers!
    A sweet white table wine, this extends the
    JS Vin de France range...

  • Lotta bubble 08

    Lotta bubble
    ADD FIZZ to hogmanay celebrations with
    Dry Ginger Ale, new from JS.
    Although delicious on its own, why not try
    a new combination? Mix the ginger ale with
    vodka or orange juice—even apple juice, for
    a new taste...

  • Nutty Hogmanay 08

    Nutty Hogmanay
    MAKE A resolution to go nutty in the New
    Year with the two latest assortments of nuts to
    be bagged by JS. At 67p (150g), Sainsbury's Roasted
    Americano Mixed Nuts are really a lucky dip
    in disguise. Will you...

  • Making sense of the senses 09

    Making sense of the senses
    Shona Robertson (left) and Wendy Godfrey.
    When the British Standards Institution decided to publish a booklet on
    sensory appraisal it looked for a specialist with impeccable standards.
    Its eyes...

  • Sweet dreams are made of this 09

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    TO ROUND off any meal, pick a pud from
    the vast selection included in 'Sweet Dreams',
    the eighth book written specially for
    Sainsbury's by Josceline Dimbleby.
    Whatever your preference, at least...

  • And a little bit more 10

    And a little bit more
    SAFEWAY OPENED eight new stores to bring
    its year-end tally to 104 stores with 1.4 million
    square feet of sales area. Having been pipped at
    the post in the race to get 100 or so Key Market

  • Combined efforts 10

    Combined efforts
    WHICH brings us on to Argyll Group, the newly
    formed combination of Argyll Foods and
    Amalgamated Distilled Products, who announced
    figures for the six months to September
    30, 1983. Because of the merger,...

  • Family food 10

    Family food
    THAT PECULIAR unit of measurement-the
    average family (with 2.2 children) —now spends
    £34.64 on food each week. The latest National
    Food Survey showed that expenditure increased
    in the third quarter of 1983 by...

  • Fresh faced M&S 10

    Fresh faced M&S
    MARKS AND SPENCER will be fielding a
    younger team of directors in the future. The M&S
    board currently has an average age of 54 but at
    July's AGM Lord Sieff, 70, will swop his chairmanship
    for a presidency....

  • Growing Kwik-ly 10

    Growing Kwik-ly
    KWIK SAVE are well down the big league of food
    retailers except when it comes to growth. Their
    results for the year ended August 1983 show
    that their growth rate is slowing up a bit, but
    remains satisfactory...

  • Lift for Lennons 10

    Lift for Lennons
    THE SUPERMARKET chain which operates in
    the hard-hit Merseyside area has pulled itself up
    by its bootstraps. Lennons managed a £600,000
    profit in its first half year to October 26 against a
    £135,000 loss...

  • Tesco tally 10

    Tesco tally
    JUST three weeks after the JS announcement
    of half-year figures, Tesco reported on their six
    months to mid-August.
    Sales rose 14 per cent to £1,203 million; the
    volume increase was 8.5 per cent of which...

  • Tweedle Dum Tweedle ... 10

    Tweedle Dum Tweedle ...
    DEE CORPORATION, better known in its
    previous reincarnation as Linfood Holdings,
    announced some sparkling figures for the six
    months to mid-November. Pre-tax profits soared
    from £6.9 million to £9.2...

  • The business news review of 1983 11

    The business news review of 1983
    Now that the last flesh has been
    stripped from the turkey
    carcase, it seems an appropriate
    moment to ruminate on what
    has and has not happened over
    the last twelve months.
    The Milk Marketing...

  • Unravelling the pasta story 12

    A charming Italian legend has attributed the discovery
    of the art of pasta making to the carelessness
    of a Chinese maiden some 6,000 years ago. This month
    the Journal set out to blaze the Sainsbury's...

  • Elevated conversation 14

    Elevated conversation
    LET ME introduce myself, I'm
    one of the lifts at Stamford
    House, the one on your left as
    you come in. I bet you've never
    stopped to think about me.
    As a New Year treat the Journal
    has allowed me to...

  • Christmas can be such a drag 15

    Christmas can be such a drag
    THE GUESTS arrived in good time on an
    evening near to Christmas, resplendently
    dressed and chauffeur driven. They were led
    ceremoniously to the banqueting room where
    their eyes met a wondrous...

  • I wish it could be Christmas every day 15

    I wish it could be Christmas every day
    ARE YOU sitting comfortably? Then we'll
    Once upon a time 121 children visited the
    magical world of Stamford House to see if
    their wish would be granted. That wish was
    for every...

  • Who trips to Amsterdam? 16

    Who trips to Amsterdam?
    Six thirty and already dark.
    Small groups of people are
    gathering into a huddle on
    Stamford Street, Blackfriars,
    and the pavement is cluttered
    with an odd assortment of
    TWO great eyes of...

  • Miss JS 1984 17

    Forcing that nervous grimace into a smile,
    shifting from foot to foot and blinking into the
    pitch black of the audience. A hushed silence
    before the moment of truth, a drum roll and... jubilation! The beauty queen is...

  • £1,000 draw 18

    £1,000 draw
    A PROSPEROUS new year. That's what
    Susan Williams, supermarket assistant at
    Lewisharn branch, is looking forward to. She
    was the winner of the SSA's £1,000 draw
    which took place on December 1.
    District manager,...

  • Chip off the old block 18

    Chip off the old block
    Brian Else, deputy manager.
    HOMEBASE store management proved
    themselves to be budding chippies on
    November 8 during a course on power tool
    accessories in woodworking.
    To their own surprise many course...

  • Dynamic duo 18

    Ritchie (above) and John.
    Dynamic duo
    HIGH STREET crooks fled from Sainsbury's
    Beckenham on Sunday, November 8, after
    their intended raid on the store was disturbed
    by two young sleuths! —Ritchie Paterson
    and John...

  • Friends in need 18

    Friends in need
    STAFF deserved all the praise they received
    for their efforts to help multiple sclerosis
    sufferer, Jane Blackwell, when she fell ill
    during her weekly shopping trip at Oxford
    branch on November 10.
    'They were...

  • Hitting home for charity 18

    Hitting home for charity
    NO PUNCHES were pulled when £6,000 was
    raised for charity on November 2 at the
    SavaCentre dinner and boxing evening, held
    in Droitwich.
    The brainchild of Mike Ellis, director of
    Oldbury SavaCentre,...

  • What a pane! 18

    What a pane!
    THE SKILLS of DIY training at Homebase,
    are not only useful in customer assistance, it
    would seem.
    Several unsuccessful attempts by Peter
    Grainger to cut class for ;i window al home,
    led him to call his wife...

  • Awards for JS engineering trainees 19

    The trainees' proud parents watched their
    sons receive the awards.
    Awards for JS
    engineering trainees
    TWO JS TRAINEES have received their just
    rewards for last year's hard work.
    Bob Jones, apprentice plant...

  • Calling all kids 19

    children who received
    pencils, pens
    or paints for Christmas
    have no excuse
    not to enter the
    SSA/JS Journal
    Children's Competition.
    Don't miss
    the chance to win

  • Having a capital time in Lapland 19

    Having a capital time in Lapland
    SANTA HAD a tension free Christmas this
    year after receiving reassurance from eightyear-
    old Marselene Gallivan (right) that
    should he get under the affluence of inkahol
    or fall sick she would...

  • It was quite a trek... 20

    It was quite a trek...
    MARGARET COOPER took a sensible
    approach when preparing for her holiday of a
    lifetime—she took up tap dancing!
    Margaret, BPO at Magdalen Street,
    Norwich, recently returned from the holiday
    which put...

  • A 'Potters Bar paratrooper' retires 21

    A 'Potters Bar paratrooper' retires
    THE 'RED BOOK' treatment was the last
    thing Peter Purslow, manager at Walsall,
    expected when he retired from JS on
    December 24 after 46 years. He hoped it
    would be a quiet affair, instead...


    G Becker, formerly manager of Dartford, has
    been appointed manager of Dover.
    A Greeves, formerly spare manager, has
    been appointed manager of Nuneaton.
    P Isaac, formerly deputy manager of
    Bexleyheath, has been...


    John Berry, fresh meat manager at
    Walthamstow, has completed 25 years' service
    with JS.
    He began his career with the company in
    the grocery department at South Harrow, and
    two years later transferred to Ilford...


    Peter Carter, chauffeur at Blackfriars, died on
    November 17, aged 53.
    He had been with the company for four
    Betty Hartwell, evening supermarket assistant
    at Bedford, died after a long illness
    on November 4,...


    Michael Fowler, manager at Bridgwater, has
    retired after 44 years' service with JS.
    He began his career with the company at
    Northampton. After working in several
    branches including Chapel Market, Walsall

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should "be
    addressed to the editor
    From: Catherine Grant, customer at Croydon
    After doing my weekly shopping at
    Sainsbury's, I decided to give my two sons an
    exotic tea...

  • Days of future past 24

    THE NEW year is traditionally a time for
    taking stock and looking forward to the
    future. This new year has particular
    significance because it was visualised so
    dreadfully by George Orwell back in 1949
    when he...