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    J.S. News
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    The J.S. Gammon Story
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    A Gardener's Diary F. A. Bastie
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    New Venture in a New Town
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    Still on Top
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    Badminton Begins at Blackfriars
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    Spring Cruise Commander F. Jeyes

  • J.S. News 03

    J. S. News
    Round the Marble Arch
    Private enterprise on a small but vigorous scale has been
    providing a comfortable part-time income to the gentleman
    who sells hot-dogs by night not far from J.S. Marble Arch
    branch. With our...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 06

    Head Butcher Finch. 6 Norwich. Promoted to Meat Supervisor MANAGEMENT TRANSFERS
    L. Wrench ex Victoria to 31 Eastbourne
    C J. Smith to Bournemouth
    J. F. Soper ex Hook to Camberlev
    S. C....

  • Retirements 07

    W. G. Bond Head Office, J.O. 30. 6.52
    J. Burgin Bournemouth, Manager 4.10.52
    E. G. Jarvis 75 Ilford, Manager 4.10.52 The following, staff retired on fitly l.r/, 1952 : —
    Miss D. Bassett
    Mr. C. A. Sanders
    Mr. J....

  • Obituary 08

    With deep regret ire record the following deaths
    } Jitta'eed Retired Died
    Mrs. M. R. Mann Linen Room Factory 1.6.48 22.7.52
    Mr. A. E. Flibbcrd Roundsman Bedford 23. 4.23 10. 6.52
    after long illness

  • The J.S. Gammon Story 09

    A brief survey of the planning behind the appearance of cooked ham on October 6th. IN anticipation of adding an attractive line to the cooked meats counter J.S. began some eighteen months ago to work out the way to produce a...

  • A Gardener's Diary 14

    May 4. Can start summer with clear conscience ! Have finished building pool and filled it with water. Rained all the time, which helped i Gardening books all say " Expect many setbacks." Consider this unnecessarily pessimistic....

  • New Venture in a New Town 17

    In rolling Essex fields lies Debden, the new town where J.S. are planning a new experiment in self-service. DEBDEN, Essex, where our new self-service store is due to open in November, is one of the London County Council new ...

  • Still on Top 24

    In a year an Englishman consumes 9 lbs. of tea an Australian 7 lbs. a New Zealander d\ lbs. a Canadian 3 lbs. a Dutchman 2 lbs. an American | lb. To keep us at the head of the list an average British family drinks 15 cups...

  • Badminton Begins at Blackfriars 25

    Over she goes ! Mr. Alan opens the Blackfrtars badminton season. THE new Badminton Section of the Griffin Club opened its season on Wednesday, 1st October, by Mr. Alan hitting the first shuttle over the net. From then...

  • Spring Cruise 28

    77w Rose/yne ''''locking through'''' on the Seine. Skipper and stewardess. ROUND about Christmas of last year the suggestion was made b\r a shipowner friend that I should relieve the Captain of one of his ships whilst he...

  • Mrs. Peek Prepares for Xmas 36

    WITH Christmas just round the corner and preparations for it well on the way, we asked Peek Frean to tell us something about Mrs. Peek's Puddings which have been one of their very successful and consistent lines for so many...

  • J.S. Jobs 39

    First of a series about people and the jobs they do for JS. George Taylor " PRE-DISPATCH Quality Control " is what George Taylor looks after at the J.S. Factory, but the name of his job gives no idea of its...

  • Down on the Farm 40

    Climate and planned exploitation of the land created the New Zealand dairy industry which supplies forty per cent, of our butter in the United Kingdom. WHEN the dairy farmer in New Zealand hands over his containers of cream...

  • 200th Anniversary 46

    FILLING the stomachs on which Nrpoleon's armies marched was a real headache to the French Government of 1795. Seeking a method of preserving food they offered a prize in that year to anyone who could invent a practical scheme...

  • Stamford Players' first Thriller 47

    Joan Lindsay and Molly Gaylor in a tense moment in the third act. " THE DONOVAN AFFAIR " is the Stamford Players' first attempt at a thriller and its reception on Monday, October 6th, at South Croydon certainly justified this...

  • Three for November Cooks 49

    Amongst the numerous recipes for cake-making, here is an addition well worth trying. Keep it at least a fortnight before cutting. Fruit Cake-Rich and Dark Makes 2] //,.. 6 ozs. demerara sugar. 1 oz. ground almonds. 2 ozs....