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  • Red Nose Day 02

    One way or another
    ... yoU foUnD a w
    To meeT THe fUnDraiSing CHallenge
    From space-hopping to sumo-wrestling, fancy-dressing
    to flash-dancing – our colleagues made a fantastic
    fundraising effort for Red Nose Day...

  • Editorial by Justin 07

    I hope you had as much fun on Red
    Nose Day as I did! And I hope you enjoy
    reading about your brilliant fundraising
    efforts in this Journal’s special feature
    – well done for all the work you’ve put
    in to reach this...

  • What’s inside? 07

    News Local news Features And more...
    04 Give yourself a break
    Online grocery shopping
    gets a bank holiday boost.
    05 A quick word with...
    We have a chat with
    Richard Fleming, Logistics
    06 Planting the seed

  • 20 years and counting 08

    Ever since it was launched by Delia Smith
    back in May 1993, our customers have been
    popping copies of Sainsbury’s magazine
    into their baskets each month.
    And, to celebrate 20 years of great food,
    fashion, homes, beauty,...

  • Give yourself a proper break and shop online 08

    You can’t beat a family holiday in the UK.
    But how easy it can be to forget all your
    food essentials when there’s packing,
    impatient kids and directions to remember!
    With the two May bank holidays fast

  • News Round-Up 08

    A look at what we’ve been up to recently, what’s
    new and what’s coming down the line soon You can’t beat a family holiday in the UK.
    But how easy it can be to forget all your
    food essentials when there’s...

  • A quick word with...Richard Fleming 09

    richard fleming
    our logistics director looks back
    on his first year in his role.
    2012 was quite a year! how was it for your teams?
    From the Jubilee celebrations through to the
    incredible London 2012 Games, our...

  • An award like no other 09

    Our amazing ‘Year Like No Other’ in 2012
    helped us win ‘Employer of the Year’
    status at the Retail Week awards.
    Our aim was to put all of our 150,000
    colleagues at the heart of our Paralympic
    sponsorship, and the...

  • Our monster book giveaway 09

    Once upon a time in a magical store far
    away… we launched our brand new range
    of children’s books!
    It includes ten titles in the ‘I love to
    learn’ series, which covers key aspects
    of English and Maths, and 12...

  • Our lasting legacy 10

    If you go down to the
    Sainsbury’s Wood today, you’re
    sure of a big surprise.
    And that’s because we’ve
    just planted the first 500
    saplings in our Jubilee Wood
    in Leicestershire – part of the
    Woodland Trust’s...

  • Your pension: latest news 10

    The Government has made some
    changes to Pensions Automatic
    Enrolment from April.
    Colleagues will now need to earn
    £727 before they are automatically
    enrolled and will pay contributions
    of 1% of their pay between £436

  • A proper meal solution 11

    Our Meal Solutions team is giving their whole range
    a makeover to make sure that our most convenient
    foods are conveniently located for our customers.
    “From April 21st, this part of our stores will change
    for the better,”...

  • Giving health a helping hand 11

    helping hand
    Happier people tend to live about
    seven and a half years longer,
    according to Tricia O’Neill, our
    Health and Wellbeing Manager.
    And that’s just one reason why her
    team has planned four new health

  • Sweet success for Nectar team 11

    The challenge for each store was to
    exceed their target of cards swiped by
    new Nectar customers for the first time.
    In Convenience North, colleagues
    took the mission and ran with it,
    outperforming their target by 140%.

  • Our Products 12

    potato royalty
    Spring is here and with it
    comes some great reasons
    to enjoy our great British
    Jersey Royal potatoes
    are always a favourite.
    Planted in January and
    harvested from April to
    June, they’re...

  • Local News: Convenience 14

    Your colleagues, your news!
    Area 65
    Five colleagues from Area 65 helped to raise
    over £2,000 for Comic Relief, with their very
    own Tour de London!
    The 25-mile journey took seven hours, as the
    determined cyclists took in all...

  • Local News: Zone 5 14

    Colleagues dusted off their
    dinner jackets and put on
    their cocktail dresses when
    the store’s 20th anniversary
    came around.
    More than 140 guests
    suited-up for the store’s
    Anniversary Ball, held at...

  • Nappies 16

    There’s never been a
    better time for us to
    promote our Little Ones
    own-brand range of
    nappies. Huggies have
    decided to withdraw
    from the UK market,
    creating a wonderful Win a
    year’s supply
    of nappies
    To enter our...

  • Fashion 17

    We sort your style SOS
    We sort your style SOS Last issue, we asked you to send in your fashion dilemmas for our
    clothing team to fix, ahead of our new Tu brand launch in September.
    And our fashion-savvy colleagues have been...

  • Homeware 18

    I didn’t know
    they did that… Whether you’ve got a busy family home or enjoy throwing dinner
    parties, you’ll need some great kitchen equipment. We’ve got
    inspirational gadgets and everyday utensils for you to choose...

  • Local News: Zone 4 20

    All kitted out
    Hucclecote rugby Club under 7s team
    have been given a welcome boost, after
    gloucester organised a community
    grant for the youngsters.
    The club approached the store
    due to sainsbury’s commitment...

  • Local News: Logistics 21

    Trimming our food waste
    TuCKIng In:
    Colleagues in greenford have
    been making a difference to
    a local farm that caters for
    people with special needs.
    A new partnership between
    greenford Depot and a nearby...

  • The Big Journal Interview 22

    Look who’s
    on the TV! Beckton colleagues Lina Tsakmakis and Beatrice
    Adenekan chat to Ben Shephard and Lisa Faulkner
    from the set of our new TV show. It’s ‘lights, camera, action!’ in the
    car park at Beckton these...

  • Local News: Zone 2 25

    NAtioNAl WiNNER: Jean Harris from Bexhill
    We’re delighted to recognise Jean Harris as our Star
    Ambassador for the great work she has done for Bexhill’s
    Local Charity, The Little Common Community...

  • Community 26

    At the heart of
    the community We want our stores to sit at the heart
    of the communities they serve.
    So, to help you to make a positive
    difference in your community, we’ve
    been making some improvements to
    our community...

  • Local News: SSC 28

    Your colleagues, your
    Who’s in the news
    near your store? Pssst!
    pRofiT pRoTecTion
    Mike carey has been judged
    Special constable of the Year in
    oxford, after being recognised for
    his work with new recruits to the

  • Local News: Zone 3 28

    The children of West Row
    Primary School have been
    keeping busy lately, thanks to
    Mildenhall and Active Kids.
    After redeeming its
    vouchers, the school was able
    to buy new sports equipment
    such as tennis rackets...

  • Take a Break 30

    We all know great things come in small
    packages, but the clever people at Sure,
    Dove & Vaseline have taken the idea
    to a whole new level, with the launch of their new
    Compressed Deodorants range.
    They’ve found a way...

  • Win an iPad mini! 30

    We all know great things come in small
    packages, but the clever people at Sure,
    Dove & Vaseline have taken the idea
    to a whole new level, with the launch of their new
    Compressed Deodorants range.
    They’ve found a way...

  • Word ladder 30

    Colourful supermarket fruits
    Supermarket section with milk
    and cream
    Point at which people pay in a
    Printed statement showing
    that goods have been paid for
    These are used to carry smaller
    amounts of shopping in...

  • Word search 30

    Lasts As Long
    Less Packaging

  • Desert Island Downloads 31

    This issue, we
    talk to the Coates
    family, who are
    ‘nappy happy’ in
    our Little Ones
    feature (see page 12
    for their story).
    Paul Hollywood’s
    Bread by Paul
    Hollywood (£9.49),
    “Paul’s recipes
    are easy to...

  • Exclusive Offers 31

    journal 27
    We’re giving £12 off your
    first online grocery shop of
    more than £60, excluding
    delivery charge*.
    Simply use code…
    for deliveries on or before
    May 27th.
    *Visit for...

  • Mailbox 32

    Mailbox Tell us all about what’s going on... I wanted to share with you a story
    about our store’s (Melksham) Grocery
    Online team (GOL), who celebrated
    their first birthday recently.
    Starting with just three vans and

  • Our People 33

    Keeping you up to date
    with your colleagues Kings and queens:
    The colleagues at King’s
    Lynn enjoying their
    40th anniversary. A blast from the
    past at King’s Lynn F R O H D J X H V  D Q G  K D G 
    D  U H D O \  J R R...

  • Our People: A blast from the past at King’s Lynn 33

    King’s Lynn recently celebrated its
    40th anniversary and to mark its
    long history, colleagues invited the
    store’s Veterans along for the day.
    “Around twenty-five Veterans
    were able to attend,” said Joy

  • Our People: Cannock’s Chris chalks up 40 years 33

    Cannock’s Chris chalks up 40 years
    Cannock colleague Chris Paget
    had reason to celebrate recently,
    after she chalked up 40 years at
    Staff presented Chris with
    a delicious celebration cake,
    champagne and...

  • Our People: Long service 25 years 34

    Lesley Abel, Redcar Local.
    Audrey Addison, Washington.
    Carol Alexis, Shorehead. Susan
    Alford, Exeter. Janet Ambrose,
    Hendon. Julia Andrew, Torpoint.
    Melanie Baldwin, Pontypridd.
    Jean Ballantyne, Canterbury.
    Janet Balson,...

  • Our People: Retirements 34

    Susan Adair, Upton (12 yrs).
    John Allcock, Waltham Point
    Depot (6 yrs). Jeffrey Atkins,
    Didcot (8 yrs). Brenda Baldwin,
    Central Croydon (11 yrs).
    Jeffrey Banks, Eastleigh (7
    yrs). Veronica Barnard, Balham

  • Our People: Long service 40 years 35

    Alan Bignell, Bath Odd
    Down. Glen Demicol,
    Harringay. Lesley Franklin,
    Maypole. Mervyn Johns,
    Taunton. Jane Olorenshaw,
    Leamington. Christine Paget,
    Cannock. Andrew Schofield,
    Northampton. Peter Wilson,

  • Our People: Obituaries 35

    Derek Abbott, 68, Lyons Farm
    (7 yrs). Christopher Ashley,
    63, Hitchin (8 yrs). Ann Baxter,
    64, Hunters Hill Local (28
    yrs). Christine Beckwith,
    58, Wilmslow (10 yrs). John
    Bennett, 63, Cannock (4 yrs).

  • Our People: Promotions 35

    Rasel Ahmed, Barnet High
    Street Local. Jen Bacon,
    Cramlington. Jason Bickers,
    Rayleigh Eastwood Road Local.
    Craig Cameron, East Kilbride.
    Oliver Campbell, Coventry store
    support centre. Scott Chamberlain,...

  • Red Nose Day - Day in the Life 36

    the LifeWhat a day – and what an amazing achievement by our
    colleagues. Here at the Journal, we’ve loved hearing all about
    your Red Nose Day fun and games – congratulations to
    everyone who made it happen. And to finish...