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  • INSIDE 02

    Sand kings : The Rayners and friend Jake head to the beach after work (see page 6).
    Frankie wears: Bumble bee scarf (£8) and turn-up straight leg jeans (£18). Andy wears:
    Malibu Creek printed T-shirt in coral (£7), Vintage...

  • Quick word 02

    Summer’s finally here, and in this issue we take a look at how you can keep your
    children entertained for less with our Bumper Book of Summer, containing ideas for
    over 60 fun activities, and available instore now. Helping us...

  • Timewatch – we mark Boscombe’s 100th birthday with a look at the early 1900s.* 02

    1911 – Arthur Sainsbury purchased seven Milne Daimler lorries to transport goods, replacing
    steam-powered wagons. This allowed for quicker deliveries to the growing number of Sainsbury’s
    stores. However, more distant...

  • Hello 03

    Boscombe colleagues will be celebrating their 100-year milestone in September. As an anniversary treat, we’ve asked them to be our guest editors for the July
    issue. Here, colleague Paul Radcliffe talks about the store’s...

  • Why have we taken fullcontrol of Sainsbury’s Bank? 03

    Exciting times lie ahead for our team at Sainsbury’s Bank. We’re in the process of buying the 50% of the business that was previously owned by Lloyds Banking Group. We caught up with Peter Griffiths, Sainsbury’s Bank Chief...

  • Ten things you need to know in July 05

    Entertaining colleagues showed ‘we’ve got talent’, Bloomsbury Local
    welcomed our 2,000th Remploy colleague, the Fish with Thought campaign
    started swimmingly and much, much more.
    you need to know in JuLY

  • Boredom busters 07

    We want to help you and our customers to Live Well For Less this summer. If you’re looking for some fun family ideas to bust boredom over the holidays then look no further – our Bumper Book of Summer by Sainsbury’s is...

  • Why we Love July 08

    Why we July What’s coming up online and instore
    during the next 30 days
    Our new range of Taste the Difference desserts are set
    to get your tastebuds tingling. Our favourite is the
    Taste the Difference...


    Full-size PDF of the Why we June pages so you
    can print it out and put it up around your work place

  • At a glance Your month in numbers 10

    Our colleagues’ favourite
    summer activity?
    beer garden; in the garden;
    going for a stroll; eating Our colleagues’ favourite
    flavour of ice cream?
    caramel/toffee; vanilla; cookie

  • Your news News and pictures from around the regions 13

    Bedworth Coventry grimsby
    Grimsby’s colleagues had
    two big reasons to celebrate.
    Not only did they win the
    Region 37 ‘Store of the Year’
    award, Rosie Limb also took
    the ‘Pride Award’ for her
    commitment to Local...

  • Take a break 14

    Say HELLO to great chocolate. Master chocolatiers Lindt
    have produced an exciting new range of chocolates, and
    they are exclusive to Sainsbury’s.
    Lindt HELLO is bursting with personality and made with the

  • Our People 15

    Richard Armstrong, 70, Harrogate
    (6 yrs). Baynard Ash, 77, Bridge Mead
    (12 yrs). Maureen Aylmore, 68, Redhill
    (15 yrs). Sandra Bagatti, 65, Kenton (33
    yrs). June Barber, 63, Nantwich (11 yrs).
    Janette Barringer,...