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Includes photocopied and original press cuttings about Homebase. Also includes press releases including one announcing Sainsbury's partnership with Grand Bazaar Innovation Bon Marché (GB-INNO-BM) to set up a chain of stores specialising in Do-it-yourself, building material and garden centre goods, 23 October 1979, and another announcing the name of the new chain of stores, 'Homebase'.

Also contains letters, press releases and photocopied press cuttings about an architectural competition. Six architects were selected to submit designs for a proposed new Homebase at Southend Lane. H Hamilton of Hamilton Associates designed the winning entry. There is also a spiral bound volume of conditions regarding entrance into the competition.

Also includes letters about Homebase sponsoring the Royal Southampton Horticultural Show 1983 and the Watford Horticultural Show 1983.

Also contains a pack containing press releases, information about products and a schedule of events for the opening of a Homebase at Castle Marina Park, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham on 8 June 1982.

There are also press enquiry forms. Each form contains the nature of the enquiry from the journalist concerned and any action taken. There are also hand written notes about in-store personnel at Homebase.

Also includes duplicates copies of 'Inside Homebase' which contains information about Homebase such as why it was set up, trading hours and customer services.

Also contains a press release, letters and memoranda about a sculpture, 'Nails' by Peter Logan which was commissioned for a Homebase store at Worcester. The sculpture was a wind mobile made from polished aluminium in the form of seven giant nails. There are also duplicate postcards and a set of photographs featuring the sculpture.

There is also a pen featuring the inscription, 'There's no place like ..... HOMEBASE', and some point of sale barker cards.