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Jon Hartland , Sava-Centre Oldbury , October 1986

1960-1980 Social activities


Who remembers the Sava-Centre Birthday events? They ran for two weeks, leading up to October month end every year. They were great fun!! Competitions in every department " guess the weight of the shark! " On the fish counter for example. Checkout Bingo!! Using the table tennis balls in a bag method, with a checkout number on them, a random customer would be asked to pull out a ball with the number on it and the customer going through that checkout at that time won anything from a box of chocolates to a holiday!!! Special discounts and promotions went right across the store, including half price birthday cake in the restaurant!! Great, great memories!
Thank you Jon

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You've brought back some great memories. I worked in Savacentre Basildon in the days when we didn't open until midday on Mondays and spent the morning g cleaning checkouts with a bucket of soapy water and a cloth

Mary Whitford, 6 April 2020

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