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Val longstaff, Sainsbury's, rice lane, walton, liverpool L9, 24/1/2019

1990-2020 Shopping habits


"I love Sainsbury's, I used to think that it was a shop where only posh people shopped, that was until I went to one in Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool. It was the best shopping experience. I made friends with a lady who worked there, I was in the middle of losing weight, and every time I went there she always asked how I was doing, and praised me on my weight loss, that really gave me a boost. Sadly we moved away, due to my husbands health problems, I really missed shopping there, it wasn't the same shopping in a different Sainsbury's, so I then decided, it was worth getting 2 buses or paying £12 for a taxi. They are so kind to my brother who is autistic, going out of their way, to make his shopping experience, calm and as, stress free as possible, so Sainsbury's in Rice Lane, I salute you, and your wonderful staff, you are all super stars ✨ thank you" Mrs val longstaff and Mr Bryan Tindale

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