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Angela Hunter, Dorridge, 2015 - Present Day

1990-2020 Staff


Happy 150th Birthday Sainsburys. Whoop! I have been a Sainsburys shopper since the 80's when I started work. Mainly shopping at the Marshall Lake, Shirley location since 1988 to present day. Developing my shopping style and interest in products through the various incarnations of change. Loving the customer experiences of TU, Click and Collect, Groceries on Line and Petrol Stations: and now moving forward with Nectar Apps, Apple Pay and Smartshop.
Who would have thought years later that I would be a proud colleague. Starting work with Sainsburys in 2015 at Castle Vale as a Christmas temp and gaining a full time role shortly after as a Team Leader on Customer Experience taking my shopping knowledge to the next level. Working to a high standard and getting the best shopping experiences on a daily and weekly basis. Thank you Sainsburys. Here's to many more successful years to come.

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