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Derek Dorey, Southbourne, 1950

1930-1950 Shopping habits


My experience of Sainsbury's is of my father working as a butcher. He worked for the company for most of his working life, working long hours as in his day all the meat would arrive from London early and then the carcases had to be cut up ready for sale. He finally worked at the Southbourne Branch which came part self service whilst he was there. He received a 25 year service watch which I have before he retired and after his death my mother still received a cheque for £50 on her birthday although she did not work for the firm. I have many happy memories of visiting him at the shop and also on one occasion being taken around the main warehouse in London to see how all the food was packed and dispatched. Sainsbury's to me is still the main place for me to shop due to my family connections. I have sent some photos of the Southbourne shop and one of my father at the shop to you archive department.
Thank you Sainsburys

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