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Ian Wood, 27 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent., c.1964

1960-1980 Stores


Butchers at J Sainsbury, 27 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent, c. 1964 - 66. L - R Stan Kennett, Peter Jordan, Peter Walters, Norman Wood, Andy Andrews, Roy Richards, John Abdaz, Ken Drury and George Hooker. My father (Norman Wood - 5th from left) worked for J Sainsbury's from when he finished his National Service in 1955 until he took early retirement in the early 1990's. He worked at the 27 Sandgate Road and West Terrace Branches in Folkestone, and then eventually in Dover (Biggin Street) where he was I think Butchery Manager. I remember vividly the branch in the picture with it's mosaic floor, wood panelled walls, and the butchers meat preparation area in the basement with sawdust on the floor!

Image contributed by Ian Wood

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