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Robert Murray, Head office, Blackfriars, April 1967 to April 1992


I began my JS life at 20 years of age in Bacon Buying under R J Williams. The director in charge was Arthur Trask. Working with Derek Pullen I produced the weekly costings for Wiltshire bacon and Tendersweet bacon. We were overseen by Keith Worrel. Later on I had responsibility for Tendersweet and attended weekly meetings at Haverhill. Also in the office on the third floor of Stamford house was Jim Macatamney who looked after Red Label pies and sausages and polish sausages. After 3 years I was transferred to the Grocery department, then to Frozen Foods finally being made redundant after 25 years.
Others I remember: Rik Winter, Bruce Standing, Garry Green, Ted Glendinning, Charlie Pratt, Jack O'brien, Ron Glazier, Barry Matthews, Cathy Badenoch, Martin Jones, Tony Simmonds, Peter Cima, Stan Meekoms, Jeremy Labrum, Cecil Roberts, Peter Davies. There are many others but I cannot remember their names

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