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Audio Story

Harry's Story

Welcome to Harry Webb's story. This on-line audio book describes through pictures a typical day in the life of a delivery boy working for Sainsbury's in 1912.

Harry was a delivery boy for Sainsbury's in 1912.

Every day before breakfast he would get up and clean his delivery bike.

After breakfast he would put on his uniform. First his big strong boots and then the coat with shiny buttons and finally the hat.

A hundred years ago very few people had cars. Harry's job was to carry their shopping in his tricycle.

'This hill is steep' said Harry, 'I wish I had somebody to help me pedal.'

At last Harry has delivered the goods. Then it was back to the shop for another delivery.

Riding a bike was bumpy because the streets were made of cobbles and the bike had tyres made of solid rubber.

After a long day's work, Harry was tired and ready for a plate of bangers and mash back at the shop.