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Manuscript map showing an area of farmland [in Scotland, most probably that of the Inverquhomery Estate, Longside, Peterhead] marked up with field boundaries (infields and outfields annotated with corresponding acreage), farm buildings (annotated with the names of the tenants/landowners), roads (e.g. Road to Longside) and other distinguishable landmarks such as rivers (e.g. Ugie Water), lochs, burns, knocks, forest and mills, and type of terrain present (e.g. bog, green moss, and marsh grass).

Places named on the map include Auchlydonald, Greenhill, Uppertown, Middletown, Nethertown, and Coynach as well as specifically annotated areas of ground such as Ludquham Ground, Troup's Ground, Knox Ground and Kinmundys Ground.

No title or scale is present. Drawn and marked up in brown ink, with blue ink for water sources.