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Contains the following articles:
Your Letters
‘Family Postbox’

General Features
‘Occupation: Housewife’, with Fenella Fielding and Vincent Mulchrone
‘They’re only doing their jobs!’ by Kenneth Baily
‘A Royal Ballet Family’, by Ralph Cooper
‘Cartoons’ by Chrys
‘A store is born’, by Alan Wykes
Childhood Illnesses, by Helen Scott SRN
Camping Abroad with the Family, by Pat Keiran

‘The Blond next Door’ by Elizabeth Beresford
‘The Clue’, by Rose Meadows
‘The Day the Rain Came’, By Annette Eyre

Maternity Clothes
New Spring Fabrics

Trim Topper

First Lessons in Beauty, by Claudia Gray

Home and Garden
Pick of the Shops
How Does Your Garden Grow? By Leslie Johns
Brighter Bathrooms, by Pamela Munro

Food and Cookery
‘In Store for You’, by Sainsbury’s Counterman
Four Pages of Farm Fare

Dream Holiday: Results
Their Free Christmas Holiday

Junior Family
Fish for Tea, by Barbara Aveline
Winter Competition Results’
Pictures and History Competition