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Includes original and photocopied press cuttings relating to Buntingford depot, a slide (possibly for press use), and press releases and statements issued by Sainsbury's during the 1977 strike at the depot.

Contains correspondence and photocopied documents relating to the court rolls of the manor of Corneybury (Buntingford) and the arrangement of their loan to Hertfordshire County Record Office.

Also contains plans of the depot layout, leaflets about housing for Sainsbury's staff in the Buntingford area, a draft job advertisement and a photocopied property advertisement for the site and obituaries for Mr F. H. J. Gatward the first member of Sainsbury's staff employed at the depot.

Includes a booklet of health and safety recommendations for Buntingford depot, a photocopy of a booklet about the site produced in 1967 and details of an open day held in the same year.

Also contains JS Journal [Sainsbury's staff magazine] articles, reminiscences about Buntingford depot and Sainsbury's archives research material and text labels.