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A box containing a set of seven shaving knives each individually labelled with a day of the week.

The box is covered with leather and has a small (2mm wide) criss-cross pattern present throughout the outside. Embossed in a gold colouring on the top are the letters J.J.S. A small stud clasp on the front opens to reveal a purpose designed container with a velvet lining, while the lid is inlaid with padding and a silk cover. The item has not seen much use as the hinge between the lid and container is leather which has few signs of wear.

There are seven knives typically fold out from one end, allowing the container to form the handle when in use. The handle appears to be made of horn. The tang of the blade has on one side 'CLEMENTS' while the blade has 'Clements High Speed' inscribed in a flowing handwritten type font. The other side has '17 BILLITER ST (short for steel) MADE ENTIRELY IN SHEFFIELD'. The back of the tang has been scored to provide additional grip during use. On the back of the blade is written the day of the week the blade should be used, from SUNDAY to SATURDAY.