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A small brown leather briefcase with a single clasp, lock and key (still works) on the front. There is a spare key and the string that they are attached to states: 'JJS Luncheon case'. The other side reads, 'EX JJS case in deed box'. In the centre on the top of the case are the initials J.J.S embossed in an Old English type font. The handle is also of leather, attached by two steel clasps. There is a leather hinge to the rear with four studs at each corner to protect the base of the case.

Opening the case, just inside the leather rim on the outside are the words, 'DREW & SONS, 33.35&37 PICADILLY CIRCUS'. The lining is a dark blue felt, with a buffed similar colour leather for the rim of the lid, while the base of the lid is also of dark blue felt. The back features a re-inforced leather strap to support the external leather hinge.

Present inside the case is a metal box that takes up half of the width of the case and the full length. It has its own purpose made recess in the case and is obviously an intended part of it.Written on the clasp that is on the front of the tin in a semi-circle arrangement are the words, 'DREW & SONS'. The middle words are horizintal and state, 'EN ROUTE' and the lower semi-circle reads, 'PICADILLY CIRCUS.' The clasp no longer works correctly.

The top of the lid has a small handle intended for two fingers to pass through to hold it. Two small soldered metal hinges allow the lid to open.