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A metal framed box with a wooden inlay. There is a lid to the box and it has a picture of what appears to be a Victorian gentleman riding a white horse and leading a brown one, outside of a timber-framed house with mullion windows and a lady stood just to the left.

The lid opens to reveal a hollow inside that has 6 keys on 3 separate bunches. 3 of the keys are similar and are held together by a piece of knotted string. They have the same shape style and thread. Just visible by the handle on two of them are the words, 'S. FREWER' there are words nearer to the shank of the key, by the bast of the circular handle, but are very worn and difficult to see.
The 3 other keys are all quite different from one another. One is attached on it's own and has a heart shaped handle. Written around the outside of the heart are: 'Yale & Towne MFG CO. Stamford.Conn. U.S.A.' The other side of the key has two circular shapes with a symbol inside that is similar to the club in a deck of cards. By the base of the key near to the shank is the number 705.

The other two keys have a similar shape, and are cut from a single piece of sheet steel. One is slightly larger than the other and has written on the handle,'MADE IN ENGLAND, YALE'. The other side is a key code: VMV 382011. When angled in light a faint word can be seen roughly scratched into the surface of the main body of the key, 'STATIONERY.' The other key has written round the outside (from left to right) 'STAMFORD, YALE & TOWNE, CONN. U.S.A., MFG CO.' The other side has the words '9H2' impressed into the metal.