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Some of the photographs were used in an article in JS Journal February 1965 ("Own Brands" page 2 to 7).

1-5: chemical laboratory assistant determining by refractometer the percentage of soluble solids present in a sample of Sainsbury's marmalade - a routine examination for all deliveries
6-11: "Mr C. McGinn (left) and Mr C.F. Monty, both of JS laboratory. Mr. McGinn visits (usually with the JS buyer) the factories of suppliers, makes suggestions for alterations where necessary in hygiene or quality control"
12-19: "Mr H. Brownhill a bakery technologist with JS laboratory who works in close cooperation with our buyers. Every day he inspects and samples deliveries of cakes. Baked goods can be judged to a great extent by shape and volume which give an experienced judge a clue to faults in preparation"
20-28: the Sainsbury Design Studio - with Peter Proto, Peter Bond (Studio Head), Andrew Carlisle, and Tony Ward.
29-31: "Chief Designer Peter Dixon (right) discusses production detail with Alf Whybra, JS Advertising Print Buyer"