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Original version of a detailed account of the first ten years of Sainsbury's 'counsellors' (home economists) programme.

This is the original typescript of the report and has various documents (some are original documents) relating to the counselling service programme attached including correspondence and internal memoranda, leaflets, JS Journal articles, reports, and photographs.

The account includes information on the setting up of the counselling service and how it was run, memories from current and former counsellors, information on the public relations department, and information on the activties of the counsellors (talks to groups etc).

It is divided into ten sections:
1. Mr J.L (Jim) Woods remembers how the JS Counselling Service began and Practical Beginnings.
2. Thoughts from JS Counsellors, Past, Present & Future and JS Journal profiles of Counsellors.
3. Statistics and Organisation.
4. The Variety of Groups visited and Responses from Groups.
5. Organisers and Support.
6. Guidelines and Aids and In-Service Training.
7. Taking a Critical Look.
8. Counsellors and JS Events.
9. Counsellors in the Public Relations Department.
10. Birthday.