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Contains 'Government statistics - a brief guide to sources', 1985 and 1988; 'Distributive trades statistics - a guide to official sources, 1970 and 'Report on the census of distribution and other services, 1971: Part 8: area tables London and South East region' from the Government Statistical Service.

Also contains 'This common inheritance: Britain's environmental strategy', September 1990 and 'This common inheritance: a summary of the white paper on the environment', September 1990

Includes a Health and Safety Executive report, 'Musculoskeletal disorders in supermarkets cashier: the effects of workplace design and work practices', [1994].

Also includes a publication by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission, 'Discounts to retailers: a report on the general effect on the public interest of the practice of charging some retailers lower prices than others or providing special benefits to some retailers where the difference cannot be attributed to savings in the supplier's costs', reprinted 1985.

There is also a publication by the Economic Development Committees, 'Food statistics - a guide to the major official and unofficial UK sources, ?1968