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Includes a booklet producted by the JS Journal [Sainsbury's staff magazine] to mark the death of John Benjamin Sainsbury, 'In Memoriam June 1956' and a photocopied article on James Edward Buchanan Boswell by James Holland which appeared in 'Designer', June 1971. He was editor of the JS Journal and of 'JS 100'.

Also includes an appraisal of the JS Journal for a competition. The JS Journal came third out of 21 entries. There is also a set of photographs which feature a display of the first issue of the JS Journal, December 1946 and an issue from December 1993.

There is also a set of photocopies of letters and press releases from 1907 until 1968. In the case of each letter or press release someone has noted the colour the name of the Company and the address of its head office was printed in. It is not clear why this was done.