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David John Gibbs, Hitchin, Brand Street, 1977-1981

1960-1980 Stores


I worked at the Hitchin branch in Brand Street (883), initially part-time while still at school, and then as a trainee manager before jumping ship to become a civil servant. I still have some extremely vivid memories of the sounds, sights and smells of the dear old place and many of the old characters that inhabited it: Bill Jaynes, Rose Smith, Chris Frisch, Bob Brown, "Flan", Gill the checkout supervisor, Anne Butterfield(?) etc. To say nothing of the FAS ordering system, the perennially miserable Robirch pies delivery man, the lad who accidently ordered about 10 pallets of margarine and never lived it down, returning "leakers", rounding up the trolleys from the rooftop carpark on a Friday evening....Glory Days!

Image contributed by David John Gibbs

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