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Graham David Francis Vick, Maidstone , 16th August 1965

1960-1980 Staff


"Started at the Gabriel's Hill branch on 16th August 1965, I worked in many stores in Kent and South London ( manual and self-service ) until 1999 when I was made redundant at Canterbury after almost 34 years service. Some good times and some bad, but I have no regrets and still shop at my local store in Sittingbourne.

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Just saying hello to Graham Vick. We worked together at the Gabriel's Hill branch in Maidstone and attended business courses together, in Chatham, I think. We rode to the business school on your Vespa, or was it a 'Lambretta', motor scooter. I enjoyed reading your comment. It bought back happy memories from when I worked for Sainsbury's.

Peter Dack, 11 December 2021

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