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Hilary Bradford, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, 12/09/19

1990-2020 Stores


I am currently researching a bit more about the store I work at, Market Harborough. We opened in 1993, celebrating our 10th birthday in 2003 and our 20th birthday in 2013. Since opening, we have become one of the most popular supermarkets in town boasting a bakery, several food counters, a travel bureau and a petrol station. We were built on the site of an old cattle market with our car park occupying much of the area where cows were bought and sold. Since opening, we have helped our local community in as many ways as possible, primarily through charity work in the form of Comic Relief and various other charity events, and though we're not the largest store under the Sainsbury's legacy, we're certainly not to be sniffed at. I'm going to keep trying to find out more about our store and the memorable moments that have happened throughout our 26 year history. Stay tuned!

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