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Janet Cox, Hemel Hempstead. Apsley, 28.05.2019

1960-1980 Shopping habits


A Berkhamsted girl, married in September 1958. Working in an office all week, Saturday was my day for shopping at Sainsburys in Berkhamsted. Just the usual shop using cash at each counter. No fruit or vegetables, no freezers, so no ice cream, or frozen food, just fresh meat, patted up butter, cut cheeses, and fresh cooked meats etc. So shopping lasted there till it closed down, and a new super market was built in Hemel Hempstead. That must have been around the 1965 +. But I could drive a car by then, so I went to Sainsbury's in Hemel. We moved to Hemel in 1973 and so Sainsbury's was closer to home and more were being built. Now still living in the same house, I have been married for sixty years, and reached the age of eighty, I still drive down to Sainsbury's every week. I do not want to shop anywhere else, I have been satisfied with everything that I have needed, and now I can get all I want including clothes, electric items, washing and cleaning stuff, I do not need to go anywhere else. I would love to know if I am one of your longest customers to have shopped with ONLY you. When I no longer able to get out, I have local granddaughters who will do my shopping for me and they know that Sainsbury's sell the only things I like. Hope to hear from you, I was at Apsley yesterday and will be back next Monday.

Regards Janet Cox.

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