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Leslie Maurice Champion, South London/North Surrey ie Epsom/ Sutton/Wallington/ Purley, April 1960 to July 1966

1960-1980 Staff


JS set standards in my life that have never left me. I started in April 1960 as a school leaver trainee, did my 2 weeks at Blackfriars, and then joined Epsom Branch in Upper High St. under Mr H H Leach, assisted by Mr C Curtis. I have very happy memories, cut short by allowing my heart to rule my head and left in 1966 to pursue the love of a girl whom in the end I did not marry. Indeed these are details of a brief career. I was encouraged at every stage, and enjoyed excellent relationships with the aforementioned managers, both of whom retired to live in the same provincial city I moved to when I left service in 1966.

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