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Pat, My father worked at Various locations from the age of 17, 1935 onwards

1930-1950 Staff


My parents met whilst working at Sainsbury’s in Borehamwood. This would have been in the 1940’s. My dad, Frederick Simmons was a butcher, and as he was promoted, they moved around the country. I believe they were in Brentwood, Essex when I was born in 1954. My earliest memories are of being taken into the branch in Coventry, and walking down the middle of the shop to the office at the end, where the lady would let me help her count the money! I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday! The sounds, the smells..
We lived in rented accommodation owned by Sainsbury’s ( I didn’t realise this until many years later when dad retired and my parents had to get their first mortgage). From Coventry, we moved to Ruislip and then Winchmore Hill in North London from where dad retired.
My whole childhood revolves around Sainsbury’s, everything we ate came from there, I don’t think my mum went food shopping because dad would always come home with the groceries every Friday! Happy memories!

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