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Theo Ratcliff, Oxford, 30/04/2022


Your website asked for memories related to the page about Sainsbury's potted meat jars...

This isn't a memory - but... my 8 year old son, Dylan, recently found a load of broken pots and jars in a wood near our house in Oxford ('the treasure dump' he calls it). A bit of detective work has helped identify one fragment as part of one of the 1930s 'potted meat' jars in your online archive. The attached pic shows it in pride of place (no 1!) in his 'Museum of interesting things'. Dylan is convinced he's in the possession of genuine treasure. I have rarely seen him so enthused! We've been back digging around 4 times this month!

I promised him I'd let Sainsbury's know, in case you want it back...!

Image contributed by Theo Ratcliff

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