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TalkBack material including results from 1995 questionnaire;
2 copies of 'Our Quality - Our Passion for Food' a booklet put together for managers to read and then relay the relevant information to their staff about providing customer satisfaction and perfection in everything that they do [c. 2000].

'J Sainsbury Job Profiling Workguide (Management)' 1995;
'Soundbites' table top notice inviting staff to lunchtime business talks;
copies of 'Project - promoting the profession of project management';
'Sainsbury's Young Families - Managers Information Pack' (1997);
'New - There's always something new at Sainsbury's', Managers Briefing Pack (1996).

material relating to 'Customer Needs and Values' and 'Way We Work' campaign to improve standards of customer care and for staff to feel fulfilled in their job;
3 copies of 'One Agenda One Company - post convention core briefing sheet (1999).