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Includes booklets about Sainsbury's pension fund, supplementary pension scheme and life assurance scheme, 1937 - 1969, and a retirement card to Evelyn Boxall.

Also includes a sheet containing certificates made out to Cyril Charles Rayner confirming his entry into the senior staff pension fund or life assurance scheme. There is also a certificate of membership for the staff welfare scheme.

Also contains a press release on pay increases for young members of staff, an advertisement from a couple of newspapers asking for retail managers, and a memorandum on a job evaluation programme Sainsbury's had undertaken to reappraise what its junior staff did.

There is also a Christmas card from the Veteran's Group signed by its president, John Benjamin Sainsbury and an envelope, which would have contained a greetings telegram, addressed to the Manager at 51 The Broadway, Ealing.

Also a copy of a picture depicting a hand holding a British flag with a flaming cross tied to the pole and an the inscription, 'Christmas + 1940'.

Also includes Balance Sheets and Accounts for J. Sainsbury Ltd. Pension Fund, J. Sainsbury Supplementary Pension Scheme and J. Sainsbury 1970 Retirement Scheme; booklet is dated 11 Mar 1972 and features stamp "Clark, Battams & Co., Chartered Accountants, London" on front cover.