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Magazine (8 pages) for JS Veterans (retired staff) published by the Veterans Welfare Section and the SSA [Sainsbury's Staff Association].

‘JS is 120 years old’ – picture of a 1932 Price List
‘Old friends meet at New Bridgwater’ – friends from the old Bridgwater store meet again at new store opening
‘Tribute to former group chairman’ – a tribute to H. J. Dyer
‘A roof over your head’ – information on The Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC)
‘Tuesday Club’ – date for the next social
‘Thought for the Month’
‘Safety in the home’ – safety advice in the house
‘Me and my money’ – further article on household expenditure (see March issue for first article)
‘A history of the Veterans Group’ – the Annual Reunion
‘Winter holiday turns into a sad SAGA’ – SAGA’s winter holiday offer was disappointing
‘Something fishy is going on’ – April meal of the month
‘Jean is still the ping-pong queen’ – Tuesday Club member is still playing after 15 years