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Magazine (6 pages) for JS Veterans (retired staff) published by the Veterans Welfare Section and the SSA [Sainsbury's Staff Association].

‘That was the summer that was’ – letter from Graeme Nichols, Chairman, Veterans Group
‘Old vases wanted’ – why not take your unwanted vases to your local hospital or nursing home
‘Thought for the Month’
‘Pack up your troubles’ – possible holiday company’s for Veterans to use
‘Recipes from the squirrel’s horde’ – interesting recipes from your store cupboard
‘Tuesday Club’ – various activities that club members enjoyed in July and August
‘Tax allowances 1989/90’ – more information on your personal finances
‘The London Road to romance’ – celebrating George and Rachel Osbourne’s Diamond Wedding
‘Where are they now?’ – trying to trace previous employees
‘The best man who didn’t make it to the church’ – letter of thanks to those who remembered Mr and Mrs F Richards Golden Anniversary
‘Super Gardener!’ – Harry Goshawk with some of this giant vegetables