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A family bible that appears to have originally belonged to a Sainsbury family in 1790.

The inside page states: Elizabeth Sainsbury, Her Book 1795.

Glued to the same page is a piece of blue paper that states: Samuel Burr Wood, with love and best wishes from father and mother, while serving in the army at Ramsgate, 4th November 1916.

It mentions on one page the members of a family, listing:
William Sainsbury was 17 years of age, the 15 day of January 1790.
Henry Sainsbury was 13 years of age in September 1790.
Mary Sainsbury was 12 years of age, the 7 day of February 1790.
Ann Sainsbury was 10 years of age, the 5 day of July 1790.
Elizabeth Sainsbury was 8 years of age, the 19 day of March 1790.
Margaret Sainsbury was 6 years of age, the 17 day of October 1790.
John Sainsbury was 3 years of age January the 02 1790.
Thomas Sainsbury was born the 7 day April 1790
Reabecah Sainsbury was born March 11, 1793